Epworth residents turn to recycling

Source: Epworth residents turn to recycling -Newsday Zimbabwe


WFP programmes policy officer for the urban preparedness project, Sibonokhule Ncube, said the programme was launched after the identification of the most viable and scalable income-generating activities around the communities.

“WFP has been implementing this project since November 2021. We adopted a multi-stakeholder approach where we have been having meetings and workshops focusing on discussions with various stakeholders in the urban areas.

 Sibonokhule Ncube

“The project is being implemented in Mutare, Gweru and Epworth. We have been engaging various stakeholders in these different urban communities to identify the key hazards.

“We have also supported disaster risk management planning processes where they have identified various hazards that are affecting urban communities. This will help in responding to various disasters that take place in urban communities,” Ncube said.

For Epworth, the programme has a bearing in terms of diseases within the urban context given the challenges in accessing water and sanitation in most of the settlements.

Epworth Local Board water, sanitation and hygiene officer Admire Musoro said the funding availed to the community members had changed the outlook of the dormitory town.

“Epworth, with this project, has seen a big difference on our environmental cleanliness because of these waste centres, waste is being separated so generally the environment is now clean. There is no more dumping of waste except for green waste which is where we are getting a lot of challenges,” he said.