Ethiopia, seeking election advice, turns to Zimbabwe 

Source: Ethiopia, seeking election advice, turns to Zimbabwe –

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Ethiopian authorities are in Zimbabwe to learn how best to conduct an election, according to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, which faced criticism over July’s disputed vote.

Like Zimbabwe, Ethiopia has a new leader promising reforms including a “free and fair election” in 2020.

Zimbabwe’s electoral commission says on Twitter the visit by National Electoral Board of Ethiopia members is “confirmation that ZEC’s conduct of the last general elections was impressive.”

Zimbabwe’s main opposition unsuccessfully challenged the election in court, alleging manipulation. Some Western observer missions criticized the largely peaceful process.

Ethiopia’s former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn chaired the African Union’s election observer mission to Zimbabwe. The state-run Zimbabwe Herald quotes the chairwoman of Ethiopia’s elections body as saying he suggested this visit: “We really got a good impression about it.”


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    Ndebele 3 years ago

    Zimbabwe has the best rigged elections in the world on a level with the USA using Russia to hack the national computer system. Ethiopia will do well to emulate Zimbabwe and the USA in terms of election rigging. Then Ethiopia can boast at the same level if election rigging. Go Ethiopia, Go! You can always call on the Professors
    Emeritus of Election or maybe Erection Rigging. Professor Robert Mugabe and Professor Tobiawa Mudede. World leaders in Rigging and then Professor Mbeki to do the Spin Doctor bit with an international flavour of legitimacy.

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    Ethiopia needs the expertise of Tobiawa Mudede and the panel of Zimbabwean judges together with bribe money of at least $1 000 000 each and their problem is “solved”.