Ethiopian oldest man at 160

via Ethiopian man claims to be world’s oldest man at 160-years-old Digital Journal by Eric Morales Sep 11, 2013

[Hopefully Zim leadership won’t be making any bids for this title]

An Ethiopian farmer is apparently able to recount a century worth of African history which may help prove that he is the world’s oldest man.

Nearly 120 years ago the Kingdom of Italy invaded Ethiopia sparking the First Italo-Ethiopian War, Dhaqabo Ebba an Ethiopian farmer claims he remembers the war vividly, and more so that he is 160-years-old. If true he would be the new record holder beating out 115-year-old Misao Okawa from Japan.

Unfortunately for Ebba, no birth certificate exists that can substantiate his claim.

However reporter Mohammed Ademo of Omoriya TV says that Dhaqabo Ebba provided so much detail about the history of his region that there is no doubt that the humble African farmer is at least 160-years of age.

“When Italy invaded Ethiopia I had two wives,and my son was old enough to herd cattle,” said Mr Ebba.

If Ebba’s claim can be medically proven he would turn out to be 46-years older than the oldest man ever recorded by history. He would also overtake French national Jeanne Calment who lived to be 122-years-old dying in 1997.

Even if Dhaqabo Ebba doesn’t gain certification as the world’s oldest man ever, the knowledge he holds could be invaluable.

“Ebba speaks with a firm, articulate voice while recounting his life story. He may no longer be able to see but his memories of historical facts seem sharp,” interviewer Mohammed Ademo said. “Given that the Oromo like many African cultures are an oral society, ‘each time an elder dies, a library is lost.’ Ebba’s is one such library from which much can still be preserved.”