EU says Zim has duty to hold credible polls 

Source: EU says Zim has duty to hold credible polls – The Standard

EU Election Observer Mission (EOM) deputy chief observer, Beata Martin-Rozumilowicz

The European Union yesterday said Zimbabwe has a duty to comply with regional and international instruments on the holding of credible elections.

EU Election Observer Mission (EOM) deputy chief observer, Beata Martin-Rozumilowicz, speaking on behalf of chief observer, Fabio Massimo Castaldo, at a press conference in Harare, said Zimbabwe is a signatory to the instruments.

“Our mandate is to assess all aspects of the electoral process and to analyse the extent to which these elections comply with international and regional standards for elections, as well as with Zimbabwean law”,” Rozumilowicz said.

“These standards are not imposed by the EU EOM.

“They are signed by Zimbabwe as part of Zimbabwe’s commitment to democratic processes.”

 The EU deployed 46 long-term observers last week.

They will be joined by 44 short-term observers, a delegation from the European Parliament and diplomats, accredited to Zimbabwe on election day.

The EU EOM is expected to comprise over 150 observers from all 27 EU member states, plus Canada, Norway, and Switzerland.

“We are here to deliver an independent and impartial assessment of the entire electoral process,” Rozumilowicz said.

“We will not correct possible short-comings and we will not endorse the results or make any other statement about the quality of the process until respective stages are completed.

“Zimbabwe and its people can count on our commitment to work undeterred and professionally as promised.

“These are the elections of the Zimbabwean people.”

“The EU is committed to accompanying the Zimbabwean people throughout the process.”

The EU EOM is observing the elections for the second time since 2018.

The EU had stopped monitoring the country’s elections because of sour relations with the late Robert Mugabe’s administration.

The EU EOM will present a preliminary statement two days after the elections.

EU observers will, however, remain in Zimbabwe after election day to observe also the post-election environment.

A final report with recommendations will be delivered about two months after the elections.