Zimbabwe Sanctions Continue to Divide European Union

via Zimbabwe Sanctions Continue to Divide European Union by Blessing  Zulu

The European Union is facing fresh divisions over Zimbabwe with Belgium and Britain at loggerheads over sanctions imposed on Harare, especially over the controversial Marange Diamonds in Chiyadzwa, Manicaland Province, east of the capital.

Diamond trade epicentre, Belgium, is pushing for the removal of sanctions on the state run Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) saying Europe agreed to lift sanctions against Harare after the July 31 elections, especially if regional bodies like the Southern African Development Community and the African Union endorsed the polls.

But the 28-member EU states are differing over how to interpret an agreement by its foreign ministers in February to lift sanctions on the ZMDC within a month of the election unless EU governments unanimously agreed the July 31 election in Zimbabwe was not “peaceful, transparent and credible.”

EU diplomats told VOA Studio 7 that Britain is leading the charge against lifting the so-called targeted measures saying it will be tantamount to rewarding president Robert Mugabe who Britain alleges has not reformed, adding the election did not represent the will of the Zimbabwean people.

SADC has also called on the West to lift the sanctions saying the people of Zimbabwe have suffered enough under the so-called targeted measures.

The regional group, in its report on the elections, said the polls were generally credible but could not rule on fairness saying this was affected by a number of issues, including the late release of the voters role and biased reporting.

EU ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’ Ariccia told VOA’s Studio 7  for Zimbabwe  that it’s still too early to call for the lifting of sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia

He said the EU is yet to get a full report on the Zimbabwe elections from SADC adding that “we are also waiting to see what kind of government is established by President Robert Mugabe and what kind of policies the government will adopt as a start, so the review is ongoing.”

International relations expert David Monyae told VOA the Zimbabwe issue will continue to divide the West.

He added that it is time Western nations reviewed their sanctions regime against Harare.



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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Mugabe does not care about sanctions. The West must do what they believe. As for the Belgians one has to look at their colony the DRC former Zaire. Those diamonds will never change the lives of the generality of the population as long as there is dictatorship and authoritarian rule. Belgians do not care about that. All they want is to make money. Vultures!

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    zimbabwe young man 7 years ago

    zimbabwean we have suffured now …please lift your sanction .some of us we are just 23 years starting life but the sanctions are making everything impossible

    what do u want us individual zimbabweans to do ????

    we can do nothing .the sanctions affect us not any political leaders .

    please Obama .please Uk ,please EU . forgive us . we need a smile

    i hope this message will reach you .