‘Ex-First Lady passed oral exam’

Source: ‘Ex-First Lady passed oral exam’ | The Herald

‘Ex-First Lady passed oral exam’
Grace Mugabe

Prosper Dembedza-Court Correspondent

FORMER First Lady Grace Mugabe performed satisfactorily during an oral examination conducted by an examination panel at her children’s home in Mazowe leading to her graduation with a PhD degree, the court heard yesterday.

This was revealed by the third witness in the trial of former University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Vice Chancellor Levi Nyagura, who is accused of illegally awarding Mugabe a PhD degree. 

During cross examination by Nyagura’s lawyer Advocate Tawanda Zhuwarara, Surgent Chevo, who was the registrar at the UZ during that period, told the court that there were no irregularities in all processes up until Mugabe graduated with a PhD. 

Chevo said the examination panel did an oral examination on Mugabe at her children’s home and she passed. 

“As she was being asked questions by the examination panel during the oral examination at first she was shivering, but later calmed down and answered them satisfactorily,” he said. 

Mr Chevo added that everything was done normally and according to the rules and regulations of the University of Zimbabwe. 

He further stated that there was nothing unusual in the processes and no signs of favouritism were exhibited. 

“After the oral examination the examination panel deliberated on Mugabe’s performance and all the members agreed unanimously that she had performed satisfactorily and that she be awarded a PhD degree. 

Chevo told the court that he did not receive any instructions from Nyagura which showed favour to Mugabe. 

The second witness, senior lecturer Julius Musevenzi, recently told the court that there were documents showing that other university staff members took part in admitting Mrs Mugabe as a student. 

It was also revealed through Advocate Zhuwarara’s cross examination that there were university documents showing that Mrs Mugabe was conducting research and that progress reports were produced by Prof Mararike.


  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 2 years ago

    I had to doubt when I read of the evidence given by that Surgent Chevo to the court. Firstly, he told the court that “there were no irregularities in all processes up until Mugabe graduated with a PhD”. And that the poor lady candidate was at first shivering but later calmed down.
    I can never believe that the Grace we all know so well shivered from fright. Perhaps she shivered from anger at the indignity of having to do this play play oral examination when everything else for the Doctorate was so very very easy.
    Then he goes on to tell the court that the oral examination for the PhD was done at Mugabe’s private home on her farm miles from Harare. Surely that was irregular? How many PhD candidates from the University of Zimbabwe get the pleasure of having the defence of their thesis done in their private homes? And miles and miles from Harare as well.
    And of course, no doubt with her kindly gentleman of a husband looking on and being of no help to her at all. Of course, there was no favouritism just plain stark fear on the part of the examiners.
    Mugabe would have been doing what he did best … causing them extreme fear as he did to all of us for so many long years.
    The awarding of this PhD degree is a disgrace and has caused immeasurable damage to the University of Zimbabwe that can never be repaired.
    The University of Zimbabwe is now the big joke in the higher education world.

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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 2 years ago

    Comrade Doctor Amai Grace Marujata Mugabe PhD – from form 2 leavers pass, then typist, then Mugabe’s concubine then PhD – we have a wonder woman in our midst comrades.

    • comment-avatar
      Nyoni 2 years ago

      She passed an “oral test” at home??. Interesting developments here. So Bob the angel dust was not performing well in his twilight years thus  the issuance of one ‘PHD’ for services rendered.