Farmers advised on frost 

Source: Farmers advised on frost | The Herald

Herald Reporter

Experts have advised farmers to protect their crops from frost following reports of damages in most parts of the country over the weekend.

The most affected crops are tomatoes, potatoes, butternut, rape and summer cabbage. Most areas in the country have experienced frost due to extreme temperature drops especially in Bulawayo, Chimanimani, Chitungwiza among others.

Agriculture expert Mr Ivan Craig yesterday said farmers could reduce damage of crop to frost by growing crops that are less susceptible to frost in winter.

“Winter cropping comes with its own challenges which are also natural especially frost. There are certain crops that are recommended to be grown in winter for instance onion, peas, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot and winter cabbage among others.

“There are also crops that can be growing throughout the year, but are susceptible to frost and most of them are high value. Crops such as potato, tomato, rape and summer cabbage are susceptible to frost damage.

Some crops are also grown mid-July onwards when temperatures start to rise.

“If there is an area with frost which prolongs into August, such as Marondera, farmers should know the best crops to grow in winter and should also protect the plants.

Mr Craig said farmers could construct a wall of thatch grass around the garden.

“The most common and cheaper way to protect crops from frost damage is burning cow dung around the field. The smoke will rise and trap frost when it comes. The dung is burnt between 10pm and 12midnight,” he said.