Fault grounds Airzim plane 

Source: Fault grounds Airzim plane | The Herald 31 AUG, 2019

Fault grounds Airzim plane

Africa Moyo Deputy News Editor
An Air Zimbabwe (Airzim) Boeing 767 developed a technical fault yesterday in Bulawayo and threw passengers’ travelling plans into disarray as a number of routes it was supposed to cover were cancelled. The problem, which was still being attended to by engineers last night, occurred morning after the Harare-Bulawayo route.

The plane was scheduled to ply the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls; Victoria Falls-Harare and later the Harare-Johannesburg routes, but all those could not materialise due to the technical fault.

Passengers that were flying from Victoria Falls to Harare had to be accommodated on Fastjet, while others remained behind and would have alternative arrangements made today.

Airzim corporate communications officer Ms Firstme Vitori confirmed the fault to The Herald last night.

“Yes, it developed a technical fault and our engineers are working on it. There are some parts that we needed to bring from Harare and we are hopeful that tomorrow (today) we will be able to resume our schedules as normal,” she said.

“It was still doing the morning triangle, the Harare-Bulawayo; Bulawayo-Vic Falls; Vic Falls-Harare, and then Johannesburg thereafter.

“Unfortunately, it was only able to do Harare-Bulawayo (route), so Bulawayo-Vic Falls; Bulawayo-Harare was affected as well as Jo’burg (Johannesburg).”

Ms Vitori confirmed that Airzim hired a small plane to carry the required parts to Bulawayo. She added that “there is still a bit more (parts) that we are taking to Bulawayo tonight (last night)” so that it could be back in service.

Airzim now has to foot food and accommodation bills for passengers that could not travel. She could not be drawn into revealing the number of affected passengers and the figures they have shelled out in accommodation and refreshments.


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    RONGEDZAI Mapaike 3 years ago

    Air Zimbabwe! Where are the new (second hand) planes from Malaysia? Then the recently bought planes from USA.? Is it news items only? Musadaro please.

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    johno 3 years ago

    one plane one nation one train one station.

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    ace mukadota 3 years ago

    The newly bought Embraer planes arrived with the “how to operate manuals” all in Portuguese – the language of Brazil. Air Zim forgot to ask for the English/Shona versions – they are being printed my man on the inside tells me !

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    They started with about 18 planes and an efficient airline. Air Rhodesia r.i.p.