Firm co-opts artisanal miners 

Source: Firm co-opts artisanal miners | The Sunday Mail

Firm co-opts artisanal miners

Sunday Mail Reporter

Duration Gold is presently in the process of assimilating artisanal mining syndicates into its operations to boost production and end violence in mining areas.

More than 112 artisanal miners have since been roped in and are currently working at the mine’s claims at Athens Mine in Mvuma.

Duration provides equipment, access to mining claims and exploration data, while the artisanal miners, who have been divided into 28 syndicates, provide labour.

Profits are shared equally between the parties. Duration Gold director in charge of exploration and mining, Mr Allan Mashingaidze, said the company will soon employ the same strategy other mines such as Gaika in Kwekwe and Vubachikwe in Gwanda.

“Currently, we have a small mining operation where we have empowered artisanal syndicates from the local community,” he said.

“We have at the moment 28 syndicates of at least four members each who were given access to our mining claim so that they can mine, and we have a sharing arrangement of proceeds from that production.

“For the syndicates themselves, this is a good empowerment initiative for them because the town of Mvuma no longer has any significant economic activity.”

Duration has been facing disruptions to operations from illegal artisanal miners at some of its mines.

“With the coming in of this arrangement, these syndicates are now able to earn some income, which enables them to provide for their families and have a decent living. It has also enabled them to conduct mining activities legally unlike the illegal mining which we see happening in several parts of Zimbabwe.

“We have also managed to end illegal mining activities and the violence that was taking place inside the mine,” he said.

One of the beneficiaries, Mr Knowledge Wenyeve, said the arrangement was encouraging.

“We work as a team of seven people and the arrangement is good because our agreement allows us to work on their claims using their equipment and sharing the profits,” he said.

“It is better to be working legally because there are a lot of risks involved in working without permission.”

By working with Duration Gold, the artisanal miners are also observing safety regulations as well as environment protection laws.