Firm vows to transform Harare waste management 

Source: Firm vows to transform Harare waste management – NewsDay Zimbabwe

WASTE management company, GeoPomona Waste Management Pvt Ltd yesterday said it was ready to transform Harare’s waste management in a US$300 million deal that has raised eyebrows.

In a statement, GeoPomona said a Supreme Court ruling declaring the Pomona landfill as not under the control of any local authority paved the way for the investment.

“GeoPomona will solve once and forever the issue of waste in this landfill, within a period of 6 years. The area will also be turned into an attractive destination for local and foreign visitors,” the statement read.

The company statement does not say how it came to control the landfill or why Harare City Council has to pay for its services.  Harare City Council and the company have been taken to court over alleged irregularities in the award of the contract.

“About 11 months ago, the  Supreme Court ordered the Harare City Council to find a quick and permanent solution to the landfill issue, which had turned into a serious concern for the capital’s residents.”

According to the Supreme Court, the landfill was posing as a health threat to people who reside in and around Pomona as it was always engulfed in flames, resulting in air pollution.

“On April 22, the prestigious company Geogenix BV took control of the landfill of Harare. The landfill is located in an area called Pomona. Thousands of people live there and in nearby areas, and, everyday, they inhale air poisoned by waste incineration fumes and methane gas released from the ground.

“The most serious among them was the fire that spread across Pomona in 2016; black smoke covered the entire City of Harare, what was also seen by satellites in space.”

Through co-operation with companies such as Franco Tosi, Siemens, ABB, Boldrocchi Group, GeoPomona said it would implement modern technology as a solution for integrated waste management.

“The incorporated technology is of modern standards, precisely the technology that is used in major European capitals, as a final solution for integrated waste management.”