Food Security Updates

Source: Food Security Updates

AGRA April 2024 Edition 46

Southern Africa

In Southern Africa, despite the eminent food crisis expected in the ensuing months, particularly in Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, due to the impact of the prolonged El Niño driven drought, food supply is improving, and maize prices have been observed to have dropped compared to the previous month due to ongoing harvests, albeit below-average. Nonetheless, food insecurity concerns persist in typical deficit production areas of southern Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Madagascar, eastern and northern DRC driven by the El Niño-induced drought, macroeconomic shocks, and in the DRC and northern Mozambique by conflict.

Preliminary estimates show a regional deficit of about 5 million Mt of maize grain, with Zambia and Malawi needing about 1.6 million Mt. In Zimbabwe, estimates show that the harvest from the 2023-24 season may decline by 72% from last year due to the worst drought experienced in four decades as a result of the El Nino conditions.