Forbes Border Post congestion: Stringent measures on cards

Source: Forbes Border Post congestion: Stringent measures on cards | The Herald February 15, 2019

Forbes Border Post congestion: Stringent measures on cardsDr Gwaradzimba

Nyore Madzianike Manicaland Bureau
STRINGENT measures will be taken against transporters with haulage trucks that avoid holding bays, but instead park at Forbes Border Post while awaiting clearance, creating long queues that obstruct other vehicles at the exit point, a Government official has said.

Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba said her office had communicated with other stakeholders, including law enforcement agents, customs and Zimra authorities to start implementing the measures.

She said the measures were meant to allow smooth flow of vehicles and people at the border post. Dr Gwaradzimba said this on Tuesday after visiting the Forbes Border Post to appreciate the situation and problems being caused by haulage trucks.

“My office was overwhelmed by complaints and reports that there were long winding queues of trucks on the Zimbabwe side and I decided to come to see what the problem could be,” she said.

“I was informed that there are internal processes that are done in terms of paper work so that they pass at the border.

“I realised that there is very little law enforcement of rules because some of the truck drivers come and queue, making two lanes, obstructing other vehicles. We have agreed that police should enforce rules so that there will be a single lane.”

Dr Gwaradzimba said they agreed that the law enforcement agents should be forceful when implementing the rules to allow smooth flow of traffic. She said there should be free movement of both people and vehicles to enhance exportation of goods.


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    Benjamin 3 years ago

    Police are too scared of excising their powers or becoming involved in untangling this mess. Cops, do your job and get these drivers to follow your instructions. This is long overdue.

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    Chigwindiri 2 years ago

    Cops are too corrupt and compromised .A big thanks to the honorable Minister for doing what the senior enforcement Shefs should be doing instead of brazing at Manyati.