Former councillor caught up in brothels storm

Source: Former councillor caught up in brothels storm – The Southern Eye

A FORMER Zanu PF councillor in Insiza, Matabeleland South province, Sikhanyisiwe Nkomo, has been accused of fuelling sex work  in the area by turning her shops and houses into brothels.

The Shangani community has complained about this saying sex work was now commonplace in the area with many shops and properties in Insiza turned into brothels.

Gold panning was also oiling the practice as ladies of the night targeted illegal gold diggers in the area.

A visit to the mining area by Sunday Southern Eye revealed that even young girls were being lured into the sex-trade business for survival.

A vendor in the area told Sunday Southern Eye that the former councillor was part of a thriving brothel business.

“What is happening here it’s so true, we have sex workers who come from as far as Gweru, Harare, Bulawayo, Kadoma, Kwekwe,” a vendor at one of the shops at Insiza centre said.

“In the evening it would be packed here including some truck drivers and makorokoza.

“The former councillor also has houses where these sex workers stay and operate from.

“With this high rate of unemployment, poverty has struck and this has led to some people now opting to survive through sex work or renting out their promises.”

Another trader said some shop owners have also turned their shops into brothels.

“There are general dealers too that have also opted to build houses, which they rent out to these ladies of the night,” she said.

“There are small shops built using corrugated iron sheets…they now rent these shops to the ladies of the night.”

Nkomo, however, dismissed the allegations saying they were just rumours  meant to damage her good name.

“I have houses where people pay US$30 per month as rent. Those are not brothels,” Nkomo said.

“I am a Christian as well as a church elder. I stand for the truth even Jesus’ disciples turned against him. I rent out my houses and get my rent on the fifth and seventh of every month.”

She added: “I rent out my houses to people who come to teach children at school or some general dealers with no accommodation.”

Ward 23 Insiza Citizens Coalition for change (CCC) councillor, Nomusa Moyo confirmed the residents’ concerns when contacted for comment.

“That Insiza area is now a haven of moral decadence,” Moyo said.

Sex work in Zimbabwe and related acts, including solicitation, procuring, and keeping a brothel, are illegal but thriving businesses.