Fraudsters devise new ways to clone bank cards 

Source: Fraudsters devise new ways to clone bank cards | The Herald

Fraudsters devise new ways to clone bank cards
Card cloning has become a serious challenge and many fraudsters have enrolled in this criminal enterprise. 

 Tom Muleya-Fraud Insight

Many victims of card cloning fraudsters are still wondering today on how they got cloned. 

Fraudsters are clever, and they get or harvest information from their victims in a number of ways. 

In the previous articles on card cloning, I indicated shoulder surfing, secret cameras, trash receipts from POS machines, and collusion with till operators in return for kickbacks.

It has since emerged that people are cloned when they swipe for US dollars in the streets from fraudulent street vendors. 

Fraudsters are hiring the swipe machines to clone unsuspecting victims.

 Let me reiterate that protection of personal information is a priority in this ever developing digital world. Once personal details are in the hands of fraudsters, they can get access to one’s financial accounts. 

People are losing their money in broad daylight to fraudsters.

 The use of illegal or unconventional places to convert Zimdollars to US dollars is resulting in many people losing money to fraudsters.

 These fraudsters mostly prey on their victims each time there is a perceived increase in the demand for the foreign currency, especially US dollar. 

Card cloning has become a serious challenge and many fraudsters have enrolled in this criminal enterprise. 

To minimise card cloning, consider the following preventive measures:

Think about the security of your money first before you decide to convert it to US dollars. Never be under any compulsion to convert the money.

Never transact or swipe for US dollar in the street, chances are high that the machine has a skimming device for cloning. Only use legal and registered foreign currency dealers to convert your Zimdollars into US dollars.

Always keep your bank card and PIN secure, do not give it to a stranger or to a third party. 

Be careful, any disclosure of bank particulars to a stranger may later lead to your card being cloned.

Be responsible enough to protect your personal details and your money, no one will do it for you. If you become so careless, fraudsters will prey on you and enjoy your money.

Avoid consulting people on the streets for foreign currency, this will increase chances of being conned by fraudsters who will in turn clone you.

Never show off that you have large sums of money in your account, this attracts card cloners.

Improve security around your money and protection of your personal and bank details.

Develop a security conscious  mindset. This will always keep you alert to the dangers involving financial transactions.

Whenever you lose your bank card, quickly make a report to the police and contact your bank through the hot lines to block the account. 

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Tom Muleya is a Detective Assistant Inspector working under CID Commercial Crime Division (Northern Region), Harare. He is also a member of the National Cyber Security Taskforce, Zimbabwe. For feedback, WhatsApp line: 0772 764 043, or e-mail: