Fresh corrupt bigwigs list out soon — Matutu

Source: Fresh corrupt bigwigs list out soon — Matutu | The Herald July 29, 2019

Fresh corrupt bigwigs list out soon — MatutuCde Matutu

Joseph Madzimure Senior Reporter
Zanu-PF Youth League has compiled a fresh list of top Government officials, parastal bosses and political bigwigs fingered in corrupt activities which will soon be announced as the party scales up efforts to fight corruption in all its facets.

The ruling party’s deputy secretary for youth affairs, Cde Lewis Matutu, said names of Zanu-PF members will be submitted to a Commission of Inquiry in line with the party guidelines while those of corrupt elements from the parastatals, public and the private sector will be read out to the public straight away.

Cde Matutu said the Commission of Inquiry in question, will be appointed by President Mnangagwa. This, he said, would ensure the youths do not jump the gun.

“The country cannot be held to ransom by some few corrupt individuals who are benefiting at the expense of majority Zimbabweans.

“The Youth League has compiled another list of names of those allegedly engaging in corrupt activities and some names are still coming. “The list will be put in different categories.

“The first category of party bigwigs will be submitted to the Commission of Inquiry in line with party guidelines.

“Category two will be a list of Government employees, parastatals, local authorities and the private sector and that will be announced in public.

“Now, you will see a big list of names. We have compiled a big list of names allegedly implicated in corrupt activities” he said.

He said the youths will remain focused on fighting corruption and that threats by some bigwigs will not stop them.

“We are receiving some phone calls from some senior Government officials, party members and individuals to inquire on their safety, but no amount of threats will stop us from releasing the list,” he said.

Last week, President Mnangagwa directed all provinces to nominate Central Committee members to the Commission of Inquiry to investigate party bigwigs allegedly involved in corrupt activities.

Cde Matutu said Zimbabweans should brace for more names of party bigwigs and those in the private sector will be released soon to ensure a corrupt-free environment.

He said in the public sector, there is need for transparency especially in mining and land allocation.

“We are aware that some provincial mining directors and lands officers are causing unnecessary disputes in their respective areas to their own advantage. Those with multiple farms are also in the spotlight,” he said.

Addressing a Zimbabwe National Liberation War Collaborators’ Association (Zilwaco) National Conference in Gweru last week, association chairman who is also Zanu-PF National Secretary for Youth Affairs, Cde Pupurai Togarepi said youths have decided to take a leading role in fighting corruption.

Cde Togarepi said the Zanu-PF Youth League will, in the next few days, release a long list of alleged corrupt Government and party officials to give the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) leads to follow and arrest, as it steps up efforts to help weed out corruption that has affected the economy.

“We have a long list and you should all self-introspect. Most of the people in the party are on the list and in the next few days we will name and shame you. That’s how the country can move forward because our President cannot suffer because of corrupt people,” he said. He added that Government was being overburdened by the people who are amassing wealth and enriching their families.


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    Mapingu 3 years ago

    What a joke! Imagine being told “All zanu pf big-wigs are now protected from public knowledge and scrutiny. Only none-zanu pf people are to be announced to the public; by none other than zanu pf youth league people anyway.” And, yes, we should call partisan gimmick “fighting corruption”? Remember, same zanu pf people are not stealing zanu pf funds. They are stealing public funds. Yet suddenly victims must not know of the Mupfumira’s of zanu pf, they must only know of others who do not have any zanu pf connection. Clearly this is how serious our “new dispensation” is in fighting corruption hee?

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    Doris 3 years ago

    Oooh!  This sounds like fun!  Can we help?  I got lots of names to put forward!