Fuel prices marginally up 

Source: Fuel prices marginally up | The Herald October 1, 2019

Fuel prices marginally up

The Zimbabwe Energy  Regulatory Authority (Zera) said on Sunday fuel prices will effective  Monday increase by 21 cents and 34 cents respectively for petrol and  diesel.

Zera said the price of petrol is now $11,76 per litre, while diesel was  $12,42 cents.

“The changes in the fuel prices are due to the FOB (Free on Board)  price movements and the revised duty regime applicable from Monday, 30  September 2019,” Zera said.

While the regulator encourages fuel companies to sell at below the set  prices depending on their trading advantages, the operators hardly do  that.

Instead, some actually charge above the set thresholds.

Following the latest round of increases, dealer margins have been set  at 0,7692 cents per litre for petrol and 0,8123 cents for diesel.

Fuel price reviews are, from last month, being announced on a  weekly basis, a move that consumers have questioned, arguing they not  only kept the nation in limbo but were also inflationary.

The commodity has largely remained scarce, despite the weekly revision  of prices, which was hoped would improve product availability. — New Ziana.


  • comment-avatar
    ace mukadota 4 years ago

    Petrol 77 cents USD a litre – cheapest in region equals ZERO petrol for sale in ZW – when will these ZANUPF buffoons wake up to the market comrades ?
    Petrol must be about 16 RTGS before you will see it freely available.
    PS – RBOZ – i dont normally charge for the advice that I give !

  • comment-avatar
    GoRobin 4 years ago

    You’ve aced it Ace. ZANU PF and their juju cannot make petrol cheaper than the wholesale price. Juju doesn’t work. Simple.