Gender activists call for social transformation 

Source: Gender activists call for social transformation – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 9, 2018

Abuse in love relationships is an issue of concern these days and all of us who understand what love is and all about should rise up and help our fellow humans, who are struggling in this area

YOUTH empowerment lobby group, Activista Zimbabwe says it is pushing for the International Women’s Day to be celebrated daily to achieve equitable social transformation.
In a speech to mark International Women’s Day yesterday, Activista Zimbabwe national co-ordinator, Thando Gwinji urged the world to turn the event into everyday practice.
“Women should be celebrated throughout the year. It should not be a one-day event. Yes, we are celebrating, but let’s not forget to be active participants in preaching the gospel that transforms women and society. This should go beyond celebrating being women, but there is need for activism throughout to elevate our voices, fight oppression against women,” she said.


“We are a movement built upon a collection of different actions to combat poverty and to combat poverty we have to first deal with feminisation of poverty itself. We have a lot of young activists out there working hard to make sure that the girl child is put in her rightful position,” she said.

“As a national movement we are preaching the gospel of women and human rights in our respective provincial corners.”

The movement also urged for more youth and women participation in the electoral process.

“Elections are here, we urge more youths to jump in the electoral process. We want more youth and women representatives, people who know our needs and cries. Whatever we do as Zimbabweans we urge a free and fair election,” she said.

Activista is a global movement made up of youth activists working with artists, filmmakers, musicians and with partner student campaigning organisations to create powerful and creative campaigns.

The organisation empowers and enables young people to actively participate in the decision-making and political processes that affect their lives.