Give us power & see Zim prosper: Nkosana’s APA 

Source: Give us power & see Zim prosper: Nkosana’s APA – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 1, 2017

Poor roads harm economy: Nkosana Moyo

THE Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) says Zanu PF has normalised the abnormal through its failure to properly govern the country.

APA said once they assume power they “will put in place sound economic management and service delivery that will return Zimbabwe to productivity leading to job and wealth creation”.

Led by former Industry minister, Nkosana Moyo, APA says citizens have resigned themselves to fate as the ruling party continued to squander the meager resources at the expense of development and economic stability.

“In the midst of this cash crunch that has paralysed business activity and made everyday life a nightmare Zimbabweans are told the ruling Zanu PF is raising $8 million for a ‘special congress’”.

“So while business and life are at a standstill Zanu PF is navel gazing at the expense of the electorate. This so-called special congress has no effect on the life of the citizens,” said party official, Albert Gumbo, in a statement.

The party said government continued to prioritise the interests of the political elite at the expense of citizens.

“The Alliance for the People’s Agenda is shocked that an announcement by the Bankers’ Association on the prioritisation of cash withdrawals for exporters is announced in the same way one would announce the allocation of milk to school children at the tuck shop.

“Our inept government has normalised what is completely abnormal. On the one hand, we have predatory elite that drains the fiscus of hard currency on a frequent basis with completely needless trips out of the country to attend conferences that do not produce any dividend for the country, while on the other you have citizens patiently frequenting bank queues with no return for their efforts,” Gumbo charged.

“It is an absurdity that needs to be changed. Citizens have the duty to use their vote to change this abnormal situation.”

Gumbo also lashed out at the government for continuing to harass vendors who are trying to eke out a living in the streets.

“You cannot crack down on poverty with boot and baton. Government has loudly and insincerely trumpeted mega deals and the country has yet to see any of them materialise.

“Policy confusion has been the order of the day with government ministers directly contradicting each other, day after day. Instead of focusing on the governance, cabinet minister are locked in a ferocious and embarrassing battle for power within their own party at the expense of national recovery,” he


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    “In the midst of this cash crunch … everyday life a nightmare Zimbabweans are told the ruling Zanu PF is raising $8 million for a ‘special congress’”.

    Yes, and will get a huge chunk of the obscene amount from the same poor people. But again, the same poor guys don’t seem to mind anyway. That’s the most tragic situation in Zim – one can imagine, when the most affected seem to voluntarily abet their tormentors. Surely they will give their hard-earned cash as usual to the zanu pf thieves & prostitutes to go sing, puff, gyrate & engage in their sexual orgies at their useless congress. Thereafter, they will again give them their vote, come elections. Totally tragic!!!!

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    mazano rewayi 5 years ago

    That we need a paradigm shift in our politics is beyond discussion. APA is saying the right things but they need to buttress these with effective organisation at the grass roots level. Otherwise, Moyo will go the way of Makoni – great ideas but dismal performance. Our opposition needs to find ways to mobilize and galvanize the people for action. Good words will never do it.

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      Fan Fare 5 years ago

      You are right, Moyo has to connect with the rural areas around the country. Right now he is talking to urban elite only. That’s no good for presidential elections and time is running out.