Gokwe man in trouble for labelling Mnangagwa a “SCUD”

Source: Gokwe man in trouble for labelling Mnangagwa a “SCUD” -Newsday Zimbabwe

GOKWE resident Mark Mandiki has landed himself in trouble after he allegedly labelled President Emmerson Mnangagwa a “ SCUD”.

Mandiki allegedly made the remarks on February 25, 2023, during a heated verbal exchange with a Zanu PF member, Doubt Tonhorayi.



He appeared in court Wednesday charged with undermining and insulting the Office of the President.

 “Your President Mnangagwa looks like an ancient opaque beer container known as SCUD, which is why it was named ED because it is as rotten as him,” part of the charge sheet read.

On Wednesday, the State closed its case after three witnesses had testified in the matter.

Mandiki, who is expected to submit his defence on April 3, claims Tonhorayi is framing him to settle political scores.



He claims Tonhorayi was once an opposition activist before switching to Zanu PF, hence there is bad between them.