Gono accused of tax fraud

via Gono accused of tax fraud 26 June 2014

Bikita West legislator and ex-advisor to former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor Dr Gideon Gono, Dr Munyaradzi Kereke, has written a formal report on alleged tax fraud by his former boss.

In a  lengthy document which was served to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Commissioner General Gershem Pasi and copied to the Commissioner General of Police, and to the  Prosecutor General on tax fraud by Dr Gono and criminal abuse of office by a Mr P. Chingosho of ZIMRA, Kereke seeks the Commissioner General’s intervention.
He accuses Dr Gono of failure to remit tax deducted from his terminal benefits on his exiting the central bank in January 2012.
According to the report, Kereke was awarded over US$1 360 000 for his 8-year stint at RBZ, but he received US$950 000 through Chitapi and Associates after a deduction of US$400 000 in taxes.
Kereke then accuses Mr Chingosho from ZIMRA investigations department of working in connivance with Gono and criminally abusing his office by penalising him through garnishee orders on his RMC hospital though he had shown him irrefutable evidence that his taxes were deducted already.
He further alleges to the ZIMRA chief that Dr Gono committed fraud through acting as an intermediary to collect tax and failure to remit the taxed money to ZIMRA while Mr Chingosho criminally abused his office by imposing 100 percent penalties.
He finally requests ZIMRA Commissioner General’s intervention to protect his constitutional rights by following up on his factual submissions.