Government Abandons Covid-19 public medical facilities

Government has taken a shocking move by abandoning the capital infectious diseases hospital, Wilkins even in the wake of this raging pandemic.

Source: Government Abandons Covid-19 public medical facilities – The Zimbabwean

Besides this pandemic being declared a national disaster, as of 1400hrs Wednesday 25 March 2020, the central government was yet to deposit the promised RTGS 100 000 into Harare City treasury account, that translates to 2500 USD using the market rate of 40. This has derailed all the efforts to upgrade and to acquire needed materials including PPE’s and sanitizers.

Gloves are being supplied by Harare City Council from its coffers. The central government has not extended its hand at Wilkins Public Hospital.What is more shocking is that the central government has abandoned the 100-bed  Wilkins public hospital opting for an elite 36-bed Rock Medical Foundation, a private hospital situated in Mt Pleasant at number 92 Norfolk road Harare that is catering for the elite and the well-heeled.

The only support the City got was from the Chinese embassy in the form of direct refurbishment and upgrading of Wilkins Hospital. The refurbishment and upgrading will raise the beds to a total of 200 beds. The City Health Department has put a contingency plan to have outside tents that can accommodate up to 500 Covid-19 patients.

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