Government approves $1 billion Chivi Rural District Council budget 

Source: Government approves $1 billion Chivi Rural District Council budget | The Herald

Government approves $1 billion Chivi Rural District Council budget
Minister July Moyo

Council budget Soul Mauruka in Masvingo

Government has approved a $1 billion budget for Chivi Rural District Council which is largely geared towards ramping up infrastructural development in line with Vision 2030.

The local authority has earmarked a number of capital projects in water and sanitation, health and education through drilling of boreholes and piped water schemes, building of new clinics and schools across the vast district this year.

Chivi RDC chief executive Mr Tariro Matavire said that Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo had approved the local authority’s budget.

Mr Matavire said capital projects earmarked under this year’s budget will augment more that will be expected using the $400 million devolution funds for 2022 to cover various projects such as building new schools and clinics.

He revealed that a further $44 million was also expected from Government under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme adding impetus to the local authority’s ongoing drive to modernise infrastructure in the district.

Chivi is one of the driest districts in Masvingo province and council, Government and development partners have been on a crusade to drill more boreholes to ease the shortage of potable water.

Chivi is also home to the Chombwe-piped water scheme funded by Government via devolution and earned acclaim for being a model piped water scheme to support small holder horticultural gardens, fruit trees plantations and for livestock.

Chivi RDC plans to build a smart city at Chivi turn-off business centre kick-starting the implementation of a string of projects billed to help the district become an upper middle income society as hoped for the whole country by the year 2030.