Government Recommends Mask-Wearing To Curb Flu Outbreak

Source: Government Recommends Mask-Wearing To Curb Flu Outbreak

The government has recommended that people with flu-like symptoms wear masks and seek early medical assistance.

Some organisations have made face masks mandatory while some individuals are choosing to do so voluntarily to protect themselves and others from the flu.

Face masks were mandatory at the height of the coronavirus crisis as the government sought to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Sleiman Kwidini, told the Chronicle that the country is not experiencing a flu outbreak but those with flu-like symptoms should wear masks in public places. He said:

We encourage those with flu-like symptoms to mask up in schools and at the workplace. It’s not like an outbreak, we are in winter and we expect such cases. Everything is under control and people should not be worried.

We also encourage people to stay hydrated by taking lots of fluids and taking over-the-counter common cold remedies.

Mpilo Central Hospital clinical director, Professor Solwayo Ngwenya, warned that as the country approaches the peak of the winter season, cases of flu will increase. He said:

It is good to note that people are responding well to this flu and most seem to be masking up willingly.

This is a great indicator that people remember the COVID-19 campaigns and are still adhering to them.

The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) warned members of the public that chances of getting a cough, influenza or a cold increase during this transition period towards winter, hence people should dress warmly and ensure that vulnerable members of society are kept warm both early morning and late evening.