Govt fails to service stands for MPs, senators

Source: Govt fails to service stands for MPs, senators – NewsDay Zimbabwe


GOVERNMENT has been failing to allocate stands to MPs because it has failed to service the identified land to ensure it has amenities such as sewage and water reticulation.

This was disclosed by Local Government minister July Moyo last week in Senate during the question-and-answer session.

MPs were promised housing stands and are now becoming restive because their terms are expiring in 2023.

Moyo said government could not allocate politicians housing stands in the bush as the identified land had not yet been serviced.

“We have government laws which say that we cannot just allocate people stands in bushes without any developments like sewers, roads or any servicing. We agreed that as Parliament, together with the Minister of Finance, money should be allocated for infrastructural development,” he said.

“We need to look for land, and we agreed to carry out an exercise to ascertain whether there is land. We had another exercise with the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Lands to determine whether there is land in different towns in Zimbabwe so that we fulfil these promises.

“The land is available but the challenge is infrastructural development and servicing of such land, so that when you are allocated a stand, you can get title deeds as required by the law.”

MPs have been demanding privileges.

Last year, they demanded three-course meals whenever the House is in session, gym facilities, iPads or laptops, diplomatic passports and credit cards for trips outside the country.