Govt on drive to promote marginalised languages

Source: Govt on drive to promote marginalised languages – NewsDay Zimbabwe


GOVERNMENT has embarked on a nationwide drive to promote previously marginalised indigenous languages.

Primary and Secondary Education minister Cain Mathema yesterday told journalists at the launch of the indigenous languages radio lesson development workshop that his ministry was working towards revitalising local languages.

“It gives me great pleasure to take this opportunity to acknowledge the celebration of identity, diversity and heritage through the development of indigenous languages radio lesson scriptwriting workshop,” he said.

“The ministry supports the growth of indigenous languages in this 21st century era. The competency-based curriculum has a policy for indigenous languages as a medium of instruction in order to support Barwe, Chewa, Nambya, Ndau, Ndebele, Kalanga, Sesotho, Shona, Tonga, Venda, Xangani and Xhosa at infant level. The role of indigenous language in sustainable development has to be emphasised from early childhood learning.”

Mathema said the beauty of different languages converging in one room was the foundation for future collaborations and partnerships which would eventually avail a multiplicity of opportunities.

“The airing of all languages revitalises and maintains the languages for everyday and future generations use. The capacity of indigenous languages or voice’s space in popular culture cannot be ignored and learners need to be made aware of opportunities that exist in social media, prose, poetry and film, among others,” he added.

There is a global drive on indigenous languages and multilingualism and the radio lessons will provide learners with a window to acquire the skill to speak more than one language and improve tolerance and peaceful living in the country.


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    Nyoni 9 months ago

    Very sad to hear this development after 40 years. This is why everything is moving backwards under this parasitic regime. Let me put you in the picture Heir Ed and co. The individual ministers each look after their ministries and hopefully do a good job. Even my dog can do better in our case. Next you create jobs for all including the school leavers and graduates every year to ensure the workforce is replenished each year and the economy moves forward etc etc. See you are learning from a layperson Heir Ed . LEARN LEARN AND LISTEN instead of brutalising us.