Govt on housebreaking, thefts during festive season 

Source: Govt on housebreaking, thefts during festive season | The Herald

Govt on housebreaking, thefts during festive season
Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe

Crime Reporter

Government has urged the public to put in place adequate measures to ensure that their homes and business properties are secured properly to avoid falling prey to criminals during this festive season.

During this period, there is likely to be an increase in cases of unlawful entry and theft as many people would leave their business premises and houses to travel to various destinations. Some security companies have embarked on raising awareness campaigns, urging people to be wary of criminals.

Speaking at a festive season campaign yesterday, Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe said people should be security conscious.

“In addition, let me also remind everyone to be security conscious and not to leave their property unattended as criminals may take advantage of the festivities to perpetrate crime in its various forms,” he said.

Some security companies have also join the law enforcement agents in raising crime awareness campaigns.

Triplate Security based in Milton Park, Harare, this week issued some tips that people might need to follow in order to keep their business and homes safe during the festive season.

In an interview the security company’s managing director Mr Samson Paul said, “With Christmas less than a week away, it’s important to ensure you take the correct steps when it comes to business security for offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities

“It’s important to ensure that the alarm will work in case of a break in. Ensure that fire and intruders alarms and CCTV cameras have been serviced and are working nicely. Make sure all expensive equipment is locked away.”

Marlborough-based Chitkem Security (Pvt) Ltd’s operations director, Mrs Bridget Tsoka, said, “We are urging the public to also engage reputable security services to safe guard their premises in order for them to enjoy their holidays peacefully.

“We are advising the public not to carry or keep large sums of money at home or at work to avoid loss through theft. We are discouraging the public from travelling during the night, especially alone, and they must desist from boarding private cars to avoid getting mugged or robbed. Important gadgets such as laptops and cellphones must not be left in the car, while the public must also avoid parking their cars at secluded places or areas. The public should invest in electronic security services such as CCTVs and or alarms or manned security guards that we also offer as a security company.”