Govt plans to woo diaspora investors 

Source: Govt plans to woo diaspora investors – NewsDay Zimbabwe

GOVERNMENT has tasked Foreign Affairs minister Frederick Shava to come up with a diaspora engagement strategy to woo Zimbabweans who work outside the country to contribute towards economic development.

This was revealed at a post-Cabinet media briefing in Harare by Information Communication Technology minister Jenfan Muswere, who promised to issue land to diasporans for business purposes.

He said government would create a “friendly environment and policy framework to harness social, economic, political, and cultural dividends” from people in the diaspora.

“The promotion of the investment by diasporans to their country is part of the second republic’s engagement and re-engagement thrust. The diaspora remittances have been one of the key foreign currency contributors in the past.  Cabinet will also deliberate on how best to unlock knowledge and skills transfer and philanthropic work from people in the diaspora,” Muswere said.

He said government would avail industrial shells and land to eligible diasporans for construction of specialist hospitals and industries.

“Government will also facilitate the establishment of joint ventures between diasporans and land owners for the production and export of high quality agricultural products and any other investments in other areas.”


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    Mapingu 4 weeks ago

    All land in Zim is now state land, except urban land, so we are told. SThus, it’s very confusing when we are told again that gvt wants “to facilitate joint ventures between landowers and diasporans”. This simply means, the zanu pf thugs who were given land they have no capacity or desire to utilize must now ripe from hard-earned resources of the diasporans in the name of being “landowers”. Nonsense! They did not buy the land, it is effectively not theirs. Either the utilize it or it should simply be reposed and issued to those with capacity & will to use it – whether diasporans or what. Not this nonsense of calling them landlords who should rent out gvt land to other Zimbabweans who equally deserve to get land from gvt directly – not though middlemen. No! This shows the lack of seriousness in the zanu pf gvt.