Govt reviews 60 IPP licences 

Source: Govt reviews 60 IPP licences | The Herald 26 AUG, 2019

Govt reviews 60 IPP licencesMinister Chasi

Joseph Madzimure and Yeukai Tazira
GOVERNMENT has ordered the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) to review licences of 59 independent power producers after they failed to commence operations within a reasonable period.

At least 77 licences were issued by Zera between 2010 and July this year, but only 18 independent power producers had committed to invest in renewable solar energy.

Speaking on the sidelines of a renewable energy conference in Harare last week, Minister of Energy and Power Development Advocate Fortune Chasi said those who held licences for speculative purposes in the hope of seeking investors will now “face the music”.

“Zera is in the process of reviewing those licences and we will be able to give you information regarding each application and what is happening to it,” he said.

“Those applications that are dormant, Zera issues a show cause order and the applicants will come and explain why they have not been able to commence.”

Minister Chasi said Zera will evaluate the applicant’s excuse as to why they had not commenced operations.

“Licencees must be accorded their rights and must be able to exercise them,” he said.