Govt revs up Harare’s clean-up drive with 52 tractors

Source: The Herald – Breaking news.

Govt revs up Harare’s clean-up drive with 52 tractors 
Tractors commissioned for refuse collection by Harare City Council at Rufaro Stadium in Harare yesterday. – Picture: Memory Mangombe.

Primrose Zimano and Remember Deketeke

A Government facilitated arrangement aimed at spurring the clean-up operation dubbed “Operation Chenesa Harare”, will see a batch of 52 tractors being loaned to the city council by Biston Agro Machinery, a Belarusian company, with 31 of them being commissioned into municipal service yesterday.

The tractors will be used to haul garbage trailers, cut grass and open clogged storm water drains under the operation as central Government steps up efforts to defeat the cholera outbreak in the capital and other parts of the country. 

The tractor deal is part of the growing ties between Zimbabwe and Belarus at Government to Government level.

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume yesterday expressed gratitude to the Government for stepping in to support the assignment of the tractors to Harare.

“Our work with the Government is not a competition, but it’s complementary. We have to complement each other as the three tiers of Government. 

“Through the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works and through the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development we requested 52 tractors,” he said.

Mayor Mafume stated that the tractors would take care of delivering services and collecting trash.

“So these tractors will then be in each and every ward so that they will be doing and augmenting the collection of garbage.

“The tractors are operating concurrently to complete their assigned tasks. This includes mowing the grass, hauling trash to the appropriate location, cleaning the drainage system and ferrying the staff as they go about their daily tasks in the city,” the Mayor said

He acknowledged that the tractors were purchased as part of the Government’s effort to expedite Operation Chenesa Harare.

“So this is to complement the work that is happening. As you know, Chenesa Harare is a programme that was launched by the Government last year. It was so good that the council also adopted it to complement the work of the Government,” he said. 

The tractors are going to be deployed across the city for refuse collection.

“We have divided the city into five regions. These five regions are going to be provided with two kits for each region to be able to do the service delivery for the residents. So each region in terms of waste collection will have tractors,” he said

The Mayor said the Government will also assist in the purchasing of more equipment.

“So we will get 52 for now, but I have just been speaking to the Minister and the Permanent Secretary of Local Government and said that we are going to come back for 50 more,” he said.