Govt starts retiring youth officers 

Source: Govt starts retiring youth officers | The Herald December 19, 2018

Govt starts retiring youth officers

Paidamoyo Chipunza Senior Reporter
GOVERNMENT has started retiring 3 384 youth officers as part of the civil service reforms announced in the 2019 National Budget and in line with its Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP). In a statement, Public Service Commission Secretary Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe said the retirement criterion was based on one’s requisite qualifications to be engaged as a public officer.

He said affected members will receive their full retirement benefits in line with PSC statutes.
These would be communicated to the affected individuals.

Ambassador Wutawunashe said Government wouldalso ensure prompt disbursement of their benefits upon retirement.
It will also avail empowerment opportunities for those interested for them remain productive outside the public service.

“In the first phase of implementing civil service reforms, Government has since initiated the process of retiring 3 384 youth officers in the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation and redirecting their energies to activities that have the potential to greatly improve their livelihoods,” said Ambassador Wutawunashe.

He said Government empowerment options available included provision of skills at vocational training centres, access to finance, business mentorship and incubation services.

“The options will be demand driven. Those interested should register through the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation district offices,” he said.

In his 2019 Budget Statement, Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube reiterated that the youth officers would be retired by December this year.

Apart from retiring the youth officers, Government’s civil service reforms are also targeted at changing existing orientation, structure, functioning, temperament, performance, efficiency and ethical base of the public service.


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    Xavier Chang Sam 3 years ago

    Those so called youth officers are just old men appointed to rape unsuspected girls
    They are not youth but old senile greedy people.

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      Ndonga 3 years ago

      Oversexed but underendowed and underperforming I am told by the young girls in my home area…but overendowed and overperforming when it comes to their wage and pension demands…