Govt tightens border security

Source: Govt tightens border security | The Herald

Govt tightens border security
Minister Kazembe

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More security personnel have been deployed at borders and ports of entry and high-tech equipment will be used as part of efforts to prevent illegal border crossing by people unwilling to go through the required quarantining for Covid-19.

The high-tech equipment will complement patrols being made by security services along the borders.

Last night, Government officials declined to give details of what was being bought since this would help those determined on illegal movement across borders.

Patrols and manpower have been increased with 94 border jumpers now arrested since the start of the lockdown.

Legal entry is simple for citizens and residents coming home, with such people having an absolute right to enter Zimbabwe through a formal border post and the only measures being taken is ensuring that the person coming home undergoes eight days of quarantine in an officail centre and another 13 days quarantine at home.

Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister, Kazembe Kazembe, told The Herald yesterday after meeting the United Nations Resident Coordinator Ms Maria Ribeiro, that adequate manpower had been deployed countrywide.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police and other security agencies have increased patrols; we have increased manpower and we are also in the process of introducing technology. We are in the process of procuring appropriate technology to assist us to enhance patrols on the border.

“We are equally concerned in that the number of cases have gone up, mainly as a result of our returnees which makes it very critical for us to then tighten control of our borders. I can assure the nation that we are doing everything we can to curb this,” he said.

Minister Kazembe said he had a fruitful meeting with Ms Ribeiro.

The meeting covered a range of issues mainly on Covid-19, and areas of cooperation, especially in the fight against Covid-19. She also wanted to know challenges that Zimbabwe could be facing so that they work together to resolve them.

He applauded Ms Ribeiro and her team for seeking the meeting.

Mrs Ribeiro said they also discussed the situation of returning Zimbabweans and those in quarantine centres and how possibly the UN could work with Government on key priority areas.


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