Govt to realign primary, secondary curricular

Source: Govt to realign primary, secondary curricular | The Herald 30 AUG, 2019

Govt to realign primary, secondary curricularProf Mavima

Rumbidzayi Zinyuke Manicaland Bureau
GOVERNMENT will work on realigning curricular for primary and secondary education with those of institutions of higher learning to ensure the effective implementation of the Competence-Based Assessment Framework in the context of the new Curriculum.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has come up with the framework earmarked to equip learners with skills, relevant knowledge, values, attitudes and competences.

Speaking at an assessment workshop in Mutare yesterday, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mavima said the framework would be implemented in all schools from ECD A to Upper Six from January 2020.

He said the ministry had engaged relevant stakeholders that include the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Universities, Teachers’ colleges, the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers (ZIE)and the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) among others to develop the framework.

“This inclusive approach has ensured that we come up with a framework that is fit for purpose and it will make the years spent at school a truly worthwhile investment. For effective implementation of the new Competence-Based framework, thorough training of teachers, school heads and other education leaders will be critical. A teachers’ Manual is at an advanced stage of development and it will include a Learner Guide as well,” he said.

“We also need to have a realignment where the various pathways that we have come up with in primary and secondary education are also available in tertiary institutions.” He said the process of realignment should take into cognisance the fact that, entry requirements for certain areas like visual and performance arts, have to be relaxed because the learners would have already demonstrated their talent and prowess in the field.

Prof Mavima said the assessment would also see learners being accredited when they were ready and not necessarily waiting for them to reach a certain stage as evidenced by several Form two learners who sat for O’ level examinations and passed and will be proceeding to A’ level.

“This Assessment framework will bring a revolution in how teaching and learning take place and how and when assessment will be undertaken in our education system,” he said.

He added that after finalisation of the framework, the Ministry would engage stakeholders in order to familiarise them with the proposed assessment regime in the context of the Competence – based Curriculum and get their inputs.

“The process will lead to pilot testing and subsequent training of teachers, heads of schools and other educational leaders. Government will continue to provide resources to support the operationalisation of this assessment Framework,” said Prof Mavima.