Govt to review health staff allowances 

Source: Govt to review health staff allowances | The Herald

Govt to review health staff allowances
Minister Muswere

Herald Reporter

Government is reviewing the risk allowance for frontline health workers and will recruit 500 more nurses to boost the country’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Zimbabwe is still to certify a vaccine to be prescribed, but a soon to be announced Draft Vaccination Framework Programme has been developed as part of accelerated efforts to protect citizens. Acting Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Jenfan Muswere said this while revealing the outcome of Monday’s meeting of the Ad-Hoc Inter-Ministerial Taskforce on Covid-19.

“Five hundred new nursing posts are being created to augment staff complements at treatment centres. A lot of public interest around the subject of a vaccination programme for Zimbabwe has been expressed. We are pleased to advise the nation that a Draft Vaccination Framework Programme has been developed. Once the modalities are in place, it will be shared with the nation.”

Minister Muswere said Government appreciated the selfless sacrifices of health workers as first responders to the pandemic.

He said the inter-ministerial caucus set by President Mnangagwa had resolved to review the r      emuneration of those confronting Covid-19 from the front.

“Government, through the National Taskforce, owes health workers a debt of gratitude,” said Minister Muswere.

“Those who work in the red zones which deal with the care of Covid-19 patients will have their allowances reviewed with the intention of compensating them adequately.”

Government said it respected the choice of families regarding the place of burial for members, but made it clear that all burials should follow strict Covid-19 control measures like taking corpses from the mortuary straight to the burial site.

“Regarding burials, Government continues to respect family choices and preferences of family members,” said Minister Muswere.

“To that end, the movement of bodies has not been banned. For the avoidance of doubt, clearances to move bodies will be sought from the Ministry of Health and Child Care with emphasis on strict adherence to regulations.”

Despite the rising number of Covid-19 associated deaths, the Government noted that the infection curve was subsiding, with the number of new infections going down.