Govt works out pay, promotion framework 

Source: Govt works out pay, promotion framework | The Herald May 3, 2019

Govt works out pay, promotion framework

Bulawayo Bureau
THE Public Service Commission (PSC) is working on a policy to standardise conditions of service and a clearly-defined promotions framework for all Government workers.

This is contained in a PSC eight-point strategic document which also highlights the need to recognise talent and promote skills development and management.

The PSC said motivated civil servants were key to the successful implementation of Government’s Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP).

The PSC strategic document was being circulated at the 60th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) which ended last week.

According to the policy document, the PSC wants people to be recruited on merit.

“The objective under the pillar are to: adopt and apply a clear job evaluation and profiling system complete with definitive job descriptions in a more consistent and scientific manner, attract and deploy personnel into clearly delineated job profiles and structures and retain the best talent in defined competencies, design and manage an attractive mix of monetary and non-monetary incentives, including opportunities for career growth, and development for employees,” reads the document.

“Develop a predictable system of appraisal, reward, remedial measures and sanctions to track employee performance and motivate talent development and progression along defined career paths and establish a comprehensive and holistic remuneration framework that standardises salaries and conditions for all sectors in the public service.”

The PSC said part of its strategy is to promote skills development and management that suits Government’s TSP.

In that vein, the commission said civil servants should drive the country’s developmental agenda.

“The intention during the TSP period is to create a civil service that facilitates economic growth, investment and promotes efficient and effective delivery of service to all citizens and supports civil, public and private institutions to drive economic growth at national, provincial and district levels.

“A new training architecture must be instituted to address these emerging needs in a co-ordinated manner,” reads the PSC document.

The PSC said it aspires to come up with a national framework to enhance skills and competency development in public administration, management and leadership.