Grace Mugabe Nemesis Given Cde Chinx Status

Grace Mugabe Nemesis Given Cde Chinx Status

Source: Grace Mugabe Nemesis Given Cde Chinx Status | ZimEye

The late notorious ZANU PF Bulawayo South Youth Chairman Magura Charumbira has been accorded a shocking Liberation Hero Status.

Charumbira’s status matches that which was disappointingly accorded to the late gallant liberation war fighter and singer Dickson “Cde Chinx” Chingaira last year.

ZANU PF Secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu advised government and ZANU PF structures in an official letter on Wednesday afternoon that the President Emerson Mnangagwa had accorded the notorious youth leader the status instructing government to start organising his burial arrangements.

The status which has is the second highest hero status honour after the National Hero status has traditionally been a reserve for liberation war fighters who may have missed the National Hero Status.

Charumbira who died at age 34 never participated in the liberation war as he was born 4 years after the end of the war leaving the status accorded to him controversial.

Charumbira died in a mysterious road accident on Monday which left several commentators suspecting that the notorious youth leader may have been murdered.

Charumbira shot to fame in November last year when he booed former First Lady Grace Mugabe at a rally in Bulawayo. ZANU PF sources who spoke to claimed that Charumbira’s booing of the fiery Grace Mugabe was a heroic act of bravery which led him to being accorded the hero status.


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    This is Zim for you; and too sad indeed. Imagine, those of us who were of age during liberation wars time but did not get the privilege to cross the border to some other country being treated with outmost disdain. We are disparagingly referred to as “POVO”, variously mistreated and regarded as second class citizens with no voice regarding any national affairs. Yet we are the ones who were responsible for clothing & feeding the coward terrorists (magandanga acho)& and actual execution of the so-called war. Ivo vaingoswera vachingotaura zvekudya huku nembudzi dzedu nekurara nevakadzi vakavanda mumakomo. After enjoying sadza, rice nenyama vaiseredzera nekurara nevakadzi (especially so-called ZVIBWIDO)and listening to lies & gossip about witches & sell-outs, & they would it turn concentrate on killing the fingered & mostly innocent people. Meanwhile, we were the ones who used to dig trenches (hunza) across roads, at mid-night times to sabotage enemy movements and often effect casualties on the enemy thru fatal accidents, and also monitor movements of the enemy and inform the same armed cowards, who would in turn run away at rocket-speed ones told of Rhodesian soldiers being seen nearby. So, how do we now become “POVO” & and the cowards being the liberation heroes? Now, how about a mere 34 yr old toddler also becoming “LIBERATION HERO”?

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    Ndonga 4 years ago

    Ah well there we have it for sure. Proof beyond all doubt that nothing has changed, except Mad King Robert being toppled from his throne.

    Charumbira was nothing more than a thug and a bully who did the bidding of his political masters.

    And now we are supposed to respect him as a Liberation Hero.

    But wait, did not most of of our so called Liberation Heroes, buried in Heroes Acre, have that very same character qualities?

    Surely him being a homeboy of our new Number 1 did not help in this honourable classification?