Health experts quake over new COVID-19 wave

Source: Health experts quake over new COVID-19 wave –Newsday Zimbabwe

Health experts quake over new COVID-19 wave

Covid-19 virus

HEALTH experts have expressed concern over government’s lackadaisical approach to the new COVID-19  wave which has seen a spike in infections and deaths.

On Monday, World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the pandemic a continued global emergency.

The country has of late been recording two to three COVID-19 deaths per day, but authorities have remained mum about the growing health threat.

Last Saturday, the country recorded 88 new COVID-19 cases and two deaths.

On Wednesday, Zimbabwe recorded 146 new COVID-19 cases.

Speaking to NewsDay, medical practitioner Hamadziripi Dube said government needs to show its preparedness to tackle COVID-19 outbreaks should they occur in the country.

“Authorities need to reconsider the emergency surrounding COVID-19. They must open those facilities that were created for emergencies associated with the pandemic. They also have to re-look the remuneration of health workers so that they are motivated to work even during an outbreak of the pandemic,” Dube said.

“There must be renewed awareness where the media should reignite its role in informing the public. Cases are increasing and it’s an alarm to the government not to be found wanting. The health budget needs to be aligned to the health sector so that they (authorities) are prepared for it.”

Health expert Josephat Chiripanyanga said there was need to take COVID-19 as an emergency as it is contagious.

“If someone is infected, we should take it as an emergency as it spreads to other people and it can affect a lot of people. Once you are infected with COVID-19, it means you have a high chance of suffering from a respiratory depression or failure, which is a medical emergency and you will need to be admitted urgently and might also need intensive care unit admission. We still encourage the public to practise social distancing and all the COVID-19 protocols,” Chiripanyanga said.

COVID-19 national response chief co-ordinator Agnes Mahomva said there was no need to panic as everything was under control.

“Government continues to assess and monitor the situation on the ground on a daily basis guided by both local and global data in order to provide timely and science driven adjustments to the national response where necessary,” she said.