Heroes Day: Day to salute freedom fighters 

Source: Heroes Day: Day to salute freedom fighters | The Herald

Heroes Day: Day to salute freedom fighters
Family members of the late national hero Lieutenant General Absolom Edzai Chimonyo lay wreaths on his tombstone at the National Heroes Acre in Harare yesterday, ahead of the commemorations of the Heroes Day, today

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Zimbabweans in their broad totality have saluted the liberation fighters for sacrificing their lives to emancipate the masses, saying gathering for the Heroes and Defence Forces holidays was a way of showing appreciation.

They said the day was special as it celebrates the heroes who brought independence to the country.

The Herald interviewed a number of people countrywide on the significance of the Heroes and Defence Forces commemorations.

Mr George Gwayi from Chegutu said Heroes Day reminds him of how people were brutally killed and buried in mass graves during the war.

“I am encouraging youths to observe and honour the Heroes Day. This is a sign that they are paying respect for the sacrifices made,” he said.

Ms Margaret Samafinya from Chakari in Sanyati District said Heroes Day signifies economic independence as many Zimbabweans accessed farming land, mines and occupied spaces previously perceived as for whites.

Mrs Primrose Takawira a vendor who operate at Dombotombo shopping centre in Marondera said Heroes Day “Is a special day to reflect on how freedom fighters sacrificed for Zimbabwe’s independence.”

Mr Tawanda Bote of Harare said he was happy to be celebrating the holiday with his family honouring the heroes that fought for this country.

“I am very happy to be celebrating this day because this is the day which we will be remembering our heroes, he said.

Mr Panashe Musumba, a truck driver said he will be celebrating the day with his family as he had spent more time outside Zimbabwe.

“I will be spending the holidays with my family and friends because it has been a long time since I met them. I am proudly Zimbabwean and I am happy that my family and I will be spending this day together,” he said.

Ms Masline Makaita echoed the same sentiments and said that the Second Republic made the holidays more important through a number of tangible developmental projects.

“I know that Heroes’ Day is a day to celebrate our fallen heroes but the Second Republic has brought so many things which we are benefiting from as a nation. I would like to thank our President for being a people centric cadre who has his people at heart,” she said.

Ms Serena Ushewokunze said that she will be celebrating the day with her family at her residential place.

“I have always been celebrating public holidays with my family so this is no exception because family comes first. We celebrate our heroes because if it was not for them we would not be where we are today. Our heroes are special not only to us but for the nation at large,” she said. Zimbabwe Chiefs Council’s provincial chairman, Chief Makumbe said Heroes and Defence Forces Day commemorations give Zimbabweans a chance to reflect on the country’s journey since the First Chimurenga.

“August is the month to reflect on our history as Zimbabweans. A lot of sacrifices were made for us to have a free Zimbabwe. We should take time to honour and respect all heroes and heroines, both living and the dead. Their supreme sacrifices are unmatched. We are proud Zimbabweans because some people died for the freedom we enjoy today. That person deserves our respect.

“As chiefs, we will forever remain grateful to the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who wedged the liberation war to restore our dignity.

“Our land is now back in our custody and I implore everyone to fully utilise the land to ensure the country’s prosperity,” said Chief Makumbe.