How AI is opening up business opportunities for non-native English speakers


In November 2022 the world underwent a paradigm shift when ChatGPT went live and we’ve been seeing something of a revolution ever since. The way in which it allows us to get more done in a fraction of time feels transformative, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. What we could be seeing now are the beginnings of a global language that allows people from all over the world to work together like never before.

How is this possible?
AI is a fast and inexpensive way to perform translation that is ‘good enough’ for people to communicate, and it is also a great tool for brainstorming and ideation. Now, let’s focus on the first point for a moment.

By allowing people from anywhere in the world to talk seamlessly with one another, AI removes the conventional borders that stop trade and commerce. Language barriers could quickly become a thing of the past, and all in a way that enables those from non-English speaking countries to accelerate beyond what is being done in the West. It’s certainly an interesting thing to think about for the future.

Which countries could see the biggest impact
While we never wish to be ageist, it’s fair to say that new tech paradigms are going to be embraced most quickly and efficiently by younger generations. Look for countries where they have a rapidly accelerating population (and therefore a population that skews young) to really get to grips with AI at pace.

We’re not talking about state actors and governments here — we’re talking about everyday people who want to use AI to achieve their goals. Those who aspire to use it to change their lives will be far more driven to put it to good use than those who are simply trying to take a shortcut on a college assignment. Generating an essay or presentation is relatively small fry for AI these days. Could eCommerce be where it is really headed?

What can AI do in terms of eCommerce?
The obvious thing it can do is translate text and help with SEO optimisation. Now, while this will never be as good as hiring a human professional who brings a higher level of language skills and plenty of psychology, it may well be good enough.

If you’re looking to sell to people all over the world but don’t have the writing or language skills to turn browsers into buyers, AI is cheaper than a professional copywriter. It may not be 100% as effective, but it will get you a lot closer than trying to do it yourself or having to teach yourself a new language from scratch.

Another really interesting avenue to explore is product ideation and brainstorming. There are no shortage of YouTubers and influencers who claim to be putting AI to work by finding them lucrative products in sought after niches. It only takes a few people to put AI to the test, feed it data, and let it improve itself through iteration to really make this part of the system take off. Once that happens, we may well see those who have already found their feet with prompt engineering getting a long way ahead of the rest of the eCommerce crowd.

What about all the other industries out there?
Tourism, fashion and food are three industries that spring to mind which are inherently shaped by the culture within any given country. While the English-speaking world is one of the biggest consumers of these types of offerings from overseas, locals often need their help to be able to make inroads in the market.

AI could change all of this by offering free assistance with everything from copywriting and translation to branding and legalese. Now, while you may not want to leave the specifics of a contract (or the core of your brand) up to an AI you don’t truly understand, it can provide a quick and efficient draft. You then only have a fraction of the work to do (and cost to incur) to add the finishing touches.

This could prove to be a highly efficient way for industries to open themselves up to global audiences in ways that certainly weren’t possible before. You see, AI isn’t just about doing things faster — it’s also a way of expanding your horizons and allowing you to connect in ways that proved too costly or complex before.

Final thoughts
AI is one of those transformative tools that may well soon rank up there with automobiles and the internet. Few of us get through the day without either driving somewhere or searching a topic like, for example, “no deposit bonus casino”, and soon we may be at the same level of usage with AI. Time will certainly tell with this one.