I lost US$1m, says Mugabe 

Source: I lost US$1m, says Mugabe | The Herald January 25, 2019

I lost US$1m, says Mugabe
Mr Mugabe

Fortunate Gora Mash West Correspondent
A CASE in which former president Robert Mugabe lost US$150 000 to a relative and his employees has taken a new twist amid revelations that the workers stole close to US$1 million cash from the politician. The suspects — Constance Mugabe (50), Saymore Nheketwa (47), Andrew Mahumbe (37) and Johannes Mapurisa (50) — were arrested early this month for allegedly stealing US$150 000 from Mr Mugabe’s rural home in Zvimba.

According to updated court papers released yesterday, Mr Mugabe lost US$922 000 to the suspects whose case was remanded to February 7 this year by Chinhoyi Magistrate Mr Tawengwa Chibanda.

The prosecution led by Mrs Kessia Teveraishe alleges that in 2016, Mr Mugabe packed books in four briefcases. He took them to his library at his homestead in Zvimba.

Mr Mugabe included a black briefcase containing US$1 million. He gave his house keeper Constance the briefcase for safekeeping.

Mr Mugabe, the court heard, did not tell her what the briefcase contained.

On March 1, 2018, Mr Mugabe demanded the briefcase from Constance.

She allegedly professed ignorance about its whereabouts, but promised to look for it.

Mr Mugabe later ordered one of his employees, Mr Edson Jemwa, who is the group human resources manager at Gushungo Holdings, to look for the briefcase on January 6 this year.

He had received news on how the suspects were living luxuriously.

Mr Jemwa went to Mr Mugabe’s homestead in Zvimba, according to the State, where Constance led him to the recovery of one Amiet briefcase and another Blue Deisey Club briefcase at the former president’s summer house.

The black Polo Club briefcase was recovered from Mr Mugabe’s main bedroom.

A police report was made and the suspects were arrested.

The bags were taken to Mr Mugabe’s home in Harare without verifying contents with the suspects or the police.

Mr Mugabe, who was in Dubai, reportedly identified the black Polo Club briefcase as the one which went missing when he returned to Harare.

He discovered the bag now had US$78 000 instead of US$1 million. The four were arrested.

During investigations, police discovered that Mapurisa, who was employed as a caretaker, bought a house for US$20 000 at Murombedzi Growth Point.

He registered it in the name of his wife, Noticia Sibindi.

He also bought a Toyota Camry for US$6 800.

The vehicle was recovered by the police.

Nheketwa, another caretaker, allegedly bought a Honda Fit.


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    Nyoni 4 years ago

    And there is no money in the country. Is Mr Ed going to arrest these bandits? 

  • comment-avatar
    JRR56 4 years ago

    Does no one ask why he had $US 1,000,000 in cash stashed in his rural home. If I had this I would be arrested.
    This country and the arrogant ruling elite beggar belief

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    Cynical 4 years ago

    Mmmm. I wonder how Bob obtained this money ?

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    Don’t worry bobby you’ve still got 15b left of diamond money, remember?

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    ace mukadota 4 years ago

    Once i saw a T shirt with words on the front that said Rob Mugabe and on the back it said before he robs you !
    Well done to the thieves and I hope they had fun spending stolen money in the first place & small beans to the former strongman and the worlds most highly educated person with zero personality !

  • comment-avatar
    Patricia Voges 4 years ago

    Did you need this money to pay for you Mansion (next to Zumas) in Dubh

    ai????? Never mind you stole so much more that your housekeeper thought it was just her share of your ill gotten gain!!!!!!!!!!!!! How about investing some of it back to Zimbabwe from where it was stolen??????????