I Will Never Congratulate Mnangagwa, Says Chamisa

Source: I Will Never Congratulate Mnangagwa, Says Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), declared that he will not congratulate President Emmerson Mnangagwa for his victory in the August 2023 elections.

This follows reports that ZANU PF insists that Chamisa should acknowledge Mnangagwa’s victory and desist from making allegations of electoral fraud as a pre-condition for dialogue between the ruling party and CCC.

On Thursday, Chamisa posted a cryptic message on X, saying “Cowards deploy and abuse tortoises! This level of cruelty invites bad omen”.

The post emerged soon after High Court judge Justice Never Katiyo nullified the nomination of recalled CCC candidates for the 09 December 2023 by-elections.

Justice Katiyo granted the party’s self-declared interim Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu’s application to bar recalled CCC candidates from participating in the upcoming by-elections.

In response to Chamisa, one Cindy Shoko said: “Just congratulate President ED Mnangagwa for winning the 2023 presidential election.”

This prompted Chamisa to declare that he won’t congratulate Mnangagwa for his victory, saying: “I don’t celebrate crime. I don’t congratulate fraud! I’m not a pretender!” He added:


Stop sham elections-voting without choice.

Stop voter suppression and manipulation.

Stop abusing citizens in the villages.

Stop weaponizing politics and the law.

Stop abusing food as a political weapon in the countryside.

Stop abuse of key national installations for partisan politics.

Stop announcing false results.

Stop spewing partisan propaganda and toxicity via ZBC.

Stop partisan politics and reporting in state media.

Stop denying diaspora voting.

Stop politics of hate, lies and disinformation.

Stop abuse of state resources to destroy and capture the alternative.

Stop looting national resources.

Stop destroying national institutions and undermining national security and national unity, national interest and national integrity!

Stop being divisive and discriminating in national processes.

Stop it!!


  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 3 months ago

    We all know that the elections were a sham so why should Ed hope for congratulations for that. But if we be patient we will soon see the end of ED and his gang of crooks.

  • comment-avatar
    Cosyru 3 months ago

    Then i doubt if you will ever rule , by now you should have known that Zim politics is a game where only crooks conquer, unless it really is God’s time , and am sorry to say that in your case its not.