ICOD Zim engages Masvingo City Council on behalf of PWDs 

Source: ICOD Zim engages Masvingo City Council on behalf of PWDs – The Zimbabwean

The Masvingo City Council in a statement on the demolition claimed that they were cleaning the area in preparation for a major renovation. The Masvingo City Council promised to erect new structures to accommodate the ever growing population of informal traders.On the 11th of May 2020 Masvingo City Council commenced the registration process for all potential informal traders to be allocated space/market stalls at the Chitima market.

ICOD Zim through its lawyers Matutu and Mureri legal practitioners have engaged the Masvingo City Council for a percentage (10%) of marketing stalls or vending space at Chitima market to be allocated to people with disabilities.The engagement process requires Masvingo City Council to consider the names of People with Disability submitted on behalf of the PWDs by the ICOD Zim. Aware that PWDs are not able to stand in long queues for a long time due to their physical conditions and some are not able to travel due to the lockdown, ICOD Zim raised a concern that they are supposed to be considered as the majority of PWDs are informal traders

In its engagement with the MCC the ICOD Zim made emphasis that;

  • The Municipality of Masvingo should consider allocating at least 10% of the market stalls to PWDs.
  • The MCC should properly communicate with stakeholders (PWDs) before engaging in short changing processes like demolitions  as well as take note of the diverse needs of citizens when disseminating information to  communities