Illegal brick moulders raided

Source: Illegal brick moulders raided | The Herald

Illegal brick moulders raided
A front-end loader demolishes brick kilns during a City of Harare and Environmental Management Authority joint operation along Harare-Masvingo Road last Saturday. — Picture: Memory Mangombe.

Herald Reporter

AS the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) and Harare City Council raided unlicensed brick makers over the weekend, destroying kilns and piles of bricks, brick makers have been told to approach EMA for proper sites.

EMA Harare provincial environmental manager Mr Robson Mavondo said the brick-makers were causing severe environmental damage.

“The Environmental Management Agency has noted with concern land degradation that is taking place along Simon Mazorodze Road near Beatrice Tollgate,” he said. 

“There is illegal brick moulding taking place there which has resulted in the creation of open pits which are a hazard to people and has reduced the value of land.

“City of Harare and EMA have decided to conduct an operation to bring order to this illegal activity. We are going to prosecute all people who are illegally doing brick moulding and we are also going to destroy their bricks and kilns.” 

After destroying kilns along Simon Mazorodze Road, the two organisations moved to Chitungwiza Road where they destroyed more kilns and bricks.

Mr Mavondo urged those interested in brick moulding to approach EMA. 

“EMA would like to urge people who want to engage in brick moulding to come and register with us and be given designated sites to do legal brick moulding,” he said. 

“As EMA and the City of Harare, we shall continue to monitor the situation and bring order to how the environment is going to be managed.”

Harare City Council spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme said the illegal activity was damaging the environment.

“Illegal brick moulding kilns along Simon Mazorodze just after Mbudzi Roundabout were removed,” he said. “The brick moulders are causing environmental degradation.”