Indeed, the US never been paragon of democracy, but laughable that a worse tyranny would dare comment

As much as my health is not well today, and, would have preferred staying far away from the pen, the most recent outbursts and ranting by the perennially and inherently unrepentant brutal, barbaric and corrupt Zimbabwe regime – as they shout on top of mountains, celebrating and ridiculing the shameful and savage acts exhibited yesterday by outgoing United States (US) president Donald John Trump’s wild supporters – injected in me an indignation and revulsion, which gave a boost of energy to write something about such madness.

Source: Indeed, the US never been paragon of democracy, but laughable that a worse tyranny would dare comment – The Zimbabwean

Tendai Ruben Mbofana


The only thing that I could visualize in my mind, were images of a remorseless serial rapist and murderer, who has the repulsive temerity to mock and laugh at a robber caught red-handed breaking into a bank, in the middle of the night.

Indeed, these would be two criminals, who both deserve the full wrath of the law to descend upon them – because, they do not deserve to live amongst a civilized, peace-loving, and progressive people – but, for the unapologetic, unreformed, and possibly ‘unreformable’ serial rapist and murderer to even utter a single word of mockery towards the bank robber, would be nothing short of the most pathetic arrogance, hypocrisy, and outrage.

Surely, as much as the bank robber could have been at the forefront of condemning the serial rapist and murderer’s ‘hard-to-forgive’ despicable, villainous, and sadistic activities – yet, was eventually also caught ‘with his own pants down’ breaking into a bank – what would give him (the serial rapist and murderer) the audacity to rant and rave over this arrest of the robber?

Any normal person – possessing even the slightest aorta of conscience – would be expected to keep gravely silent, and pretend as if he had no knowledge, whatsoever, of what transpired with the bank robber, as opening his mouth, most particularly in derision, would only serve to turn the tables of this same mockery, against him.

In relation to the recent events in the US – no one with any shred of honesty can sincerely deny that that country never held any moral high ground to judge, or teach, anyone on democracy – considering its own checkered history of slavery, denial of African American, as well as those of the indigenous American, human rights, questionable electoral system (that is clearly driven by sinister interests of the deep state, Wall Street, and other major financial players) – however, it betrays any sanity and sense for a country that has used its military to ruthlessly butcher thousands upon thousands of its own innocent and unarmed citizenry, fraudulently ‘won’ every election since attaining its independence from Britain in 1980 (through a clearly uneven and unfair electoral playing field, state media bias, deployment of ruling party militias and security forces to intimidate and brutalize citizens, and opposition supporters, and abuse of traditional leaders in coercing rural villagers to vote for the ruling party, as well as provisions of food aid, and agricultural inputs on partisan basis), on top of the continued persecution of human rights activists and investigative journalists, to deride any other country.

Now, can the latter, seriously, have the guts to compare themselves to the former, let alone deride?

The adage, “the kettle calling the pot black” does not even apply in this regard – since, one is clearly ‘blacker’ than the other.

If it had been in jail, the latter would be on death row, awaiting the electric chair – whilst, the former would be lounging in some maximum security prison, serving, possibly twenty to fifty years of hard labour – especially, if we were to consider both these characters’ activities over the past four decades, as that was when our own Zimbabwe administration came to power.

The conduct by Trump’s supporters leaves a lot to be desired, and has further demeaned the already unenviable and tattered global image of the US – something that every peace-loving, democracy-respecting, and civilized person on this globe should unequivocally condemn – needless to say, a rogue regime notorious for its own far much worse cruelty and heinous disdain for anything democratic, and pro-people, should rather shut up!

The Zimbabwe regime has already perfectly managed to make a complete nuisance of itself for far too long, and commenting on the hooliganism and anti-democratic antics in the US, and Trump, would only make those in power in this country appear doubly foolhardy, hypocritical, and unrepentant – unless, of course, they want to prove to the world that they both deserve to be cast in the abyss of the ‘axis of evil’.

The people of Zimbabwe – who have endured immeasurable and unrelenting oppression, brutality, and injustices, at the blood-dripping hands of the ruling elite – will never be taken for fools by these embarrassing acts of deception.


We have suffered enough, and no amount of mocking and ridiculing the US, can ever substitute, cleanse, or whitewash the pain, abuse, and impoverishment that the Zimbabwe opportunistic ruling clique’s 40 year old reign of terror has unleashed upon us.

If there is anyone in doubt, let us invite the largely oppressed and segregated African American population to exchange places with dehumanized and poverty-striken Zimbabweans – and, we see how many will eagerly to take this offer up.

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    Nyoni 2 years ago

    Our great people of Zimbabwe will overcome soon and will enjoy their country soon . Personally the United States and the West have not being my heroes forever as we all know their own interests come first. It is about time we all stand up and voice or opinions against this rogue regime and others who have no interest in our future. It is time to say enough is enough wherever we may be. Aluta Continua. 

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    Kalulu 2 years ago

    Thanks so much Mbofana for the well written article which clearly explains why the regime in our country has no moral ground to condemn what has happened in the USA recently because when it comes to the regime,  they are masters in hypocrisy.

    The simple thing that the regime pretends not identify in the USA scenario is that the other pillars of state: Legislature and particularly the Judiciary have remained professional and not playing to Trump’s attempts to discredit the outcome of the Presidential election. They have remained consistent in asking Trump to provide evidence of rigging. Compare this with our own other pillars of the State.

    Chief Justice Malala and his corrupt team connived to deny Zimbabweans a government of their choice. To mention just a few examples: the voters roll was deliberately in shambles to rig elections; it was clear from Malaba’s demeanour during the live electoral outcome Hearing that he was biased against the presentation and arguments from Advocate Thabani Mpofu representing Chamisa; the figures presented by ZEC did not tally which should have been glaring evidence to disqualify the outcome of that election but Malalba and his corrupt and shameless team would have none of that.

    Compare this with how the professional American Judiciary handled the matter without fear or favour to the sitting president. Can this ever happen with this corrupt Judiciary in Zimbabwe.

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    The difference with the third world is that the US has proper institutions that can tell the presidential candidate to go to hell and stand by principle. In Zimbabwe for instance the electoral commission lacks independence. So do the courts. The police are also partisan. What is an election without figures? Yet the courts had the audacity to say what was wanted were facts not figures. What hogwash! Percentages were changed three times by zec. Explanations dololo. If trump had done his denialism in Zimbabwe he would have succeeded. Not in the USA. The courts stood firm to confirm the will of the American voters. Zimbabweans are killed for defending their vote. The comparison is misplaced general. You simply lost the election. We all know that.

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    Fallenz 2 years ago

    Much truth in both the article and comments.  I commend all for astute awareness and the ability to compose and publish your thoughts.  May such bold voices continue.

    Now, while I condemn those who rioted (as much opposed to a “protest”) in Washington DC, attempting to mirror the previous rioting overlooked in other cities of the US, a look a bit deeper into the circumstances is warranted.

    Consider that the USA is a Republic, and each individual state there has the authority to set their own rules regarding electoral protections… this includes assurances that only legal voters may cast ballots, each citizen of legal age can cast only one ballot, ballot tallies must be transparent and accurate, etc.,etc.  in other words, “free, fair, and accurate”.

    However, there apparently were questionable deviations (violations) from these requirements in areas run by liberal authorities who were quite vocal and highly partisan in their opposition to Trump.  It seems that the final tally giving the election to Biden wasn’t being questioned… the question was the high possibility of collusion and vote-rigging by those partisan authorities to rig the balloting in their local areas, which would culminate in wins for Biden in those states.  But, political powers at the top would not allow those questions to be properly investigated.  Who knows for certain, but perhaps that was the frustration being vented by those who invaded the government offices in Washington DC… in a very wrong way. (Two wrongs don’t make a right, and prosecutions will surely follow… if, in fact, America is a “nation of laws”.)

    While Trump’s policies were very ”pro-American” in jobs and economy and foreign policy, apparently as a non-politcan, he never understood that winning re-election required not only accomplishing those things, but also helping the people understand how his accomplishments was good for them, and having a personal demeanor that would win their support.  Apparently, he failed miserably at both of those.

    So, now we shall see what the new administration will accomplish… will they continue with the policies that began returning jobs, the trade deals, the turnaround of the economy, slow the flood of illegal immigration, etc.,etc, or undo those policies as America turns to Socialism.  

    Your guess is as good as mine.  We shall see, for time will tell.