Inhuman treatment for Chikurubi inmates 

Last Sat I had the opportunity to visit Chikurubi maximum prison and the situation on the ground is bad.???.

Source: Inhuman treatment for Chikurubi inmates – The Zimbabwean

With the current economic crisis, it’s bad for inmates.

I saw men eating from the ground because they don’t have plates.

I saw people eating from patched lunchboxes, how bad can it be to patch an old ice cream lunch box.

Because of the water crisis, everyone gets a bucket of greywater to drink, bath, and use the bathroom per day, the poor ones have no shoes, no descent uniforms and no soap.

To not do something would be criminal, please help us raise 4000 lunchboxes and slippers to donate to these inmates.

Lunchboxes come in handy because they get their supper before their locked up in their cells at 3, so they use them as storage to eat later.

Please help with used ice cream lunchboxes and slippers.

For more info contact 0738 135 849 or 0773 728 388