‘Invest in climate-friendly technologies’

Source: ‘Invest in climate-friendly technologies’ | The Herald November 20, 2019

‘Invest in climate-friendly technologies’
Mr Munodawafa

Nesia Mhaka Herald Correspondent
Zimbabwe should invest more in climate friendly technologies to address loss and damage from both the slow onset of the rains and extreme weather patterns, a Government official has said.

This was said by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Munesu Munodawafa at launch of the Adaptation Fund National Implementation Entity of the Environmental Management Agency on Monday.

“Climate change has affected weather conditions at all scales. Strengthening the ability to adapt to these changes in a way that mitigates hazards and risks to humans and the environment is vital for sustainable development and for the survival of communities,” he said.

“Different forms of climate-friendly technologies need to be employed, with early warning systems that combine hard measuring devices with soft knowledge and skills that can raise awareness and stimulate appropriate action to disasters.”

Mr Munodawafa said the country should implement climate-friendly technologies to mitigate environmental related disasters.

“As a Nation, we are confronted by a reality that compels us to invest far more on adaptation, ensure investment in climate friendly technologies, and addressing loss and damage from both slow onset and extreme weather events.

“Without urgent adaptation and action, we risk undermining food, energy, and water security for decades to come. We have to develop strategies for our people who rely on water, agriculture, environment, energy among other sectors to adapt to climate change,” he said.

He said Government is investing more in adaptation and mitigation impacts of climate change with a vision of creating a climate resilient nation.

“We need interdisciplinary work across sectoral frontiers. I am pleased to say that, the Adaptation Fund projects and related projects will be among the examples of such initiatives being coordinated by my Ministry through the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and Climate Change Management Department with financial support from the Adaptation Fund.

“As the ministry, we have crafted the National Climate Change Response Strategy for Zimbabwe, the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) document which guides the country on adapting and mitigating the impacts of climate change with a vision of creating a climate resilient nation.

“My ministry is finalising development of a Low Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) and the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) which are important documents to guide our efforts towards a Low carbon and climate resilient development,” said Mr Munodawafa.

EMA has been accredited as a National Implementing Entity to the Adaptation Fund, an initiative that will indisputably advance the quality of life for communities who are vulnerable to climate change.

The accreditation means that EMA is now eligible to directly accessing climate financing from the Adaptation Fund to the tune of up to US$5 million to enable the country to implement concrete climate change adaptation and resilience building projects.