Inyathi police protecting criminal 

Dear Sir/madam my name is Lovemore Toma, I reside in Inyathi Matebeland North Bubi District,

Source: Inyathi police protecting criminal – The Zimbabwean

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I am hereby reporting cases whereby crimes are being committed in our District and the perpetrators are left free for some reasons best known by the Police at Inyathi police camp.

On the 1st of May 2021 around 8 and 9 pm, I witnessed what I can call the shock of my life. As I was in my house with my family, I heard a woman screaming out loud calling for my name saying ” mukoma Love vhurai door pane arikuda kundi raper” I was courageous enough to open the door and I saw a man who was in a Blue Overall and a light blue Jersey holding a machete approximately half a metre long in his hand chasing after the woman who was screaming for my help. She managed to reach my doorstep and I paved a way for her to get into my house and I quickly locked the door. I peeped through the window, took a glimpse of him as he vanished into the dark. The lady whose name is Thembela Moyo of Mahlabatini narrated her ordeal to me, she told me that she was going home after work with her workmate whose name is Khulekana Khumalo, who got attacked by 3 robbers. The three robbers stabbed Khulakani. As the 2 were dragging The stabbed Khulekani into the bush, one was trying to rape her. She overpowered him and managed to escape but the man chased after her, she narrated. I called her boss who asked his security guards to go and look for Khulekani.

I and other members of the community accompanied the guards and went to look for Khulekani. 3 man one wearing the same overall I had seen earlier on chasing after Thembala were spotted in the Bush and a chase after them begun. The one in Blue Overall was caught. They brought him to my house and Thembala Moyo identified him as one of the culprits who had robbed them, stabbed Khulakani and tried to rape her. The angry community gave him a good beating. I received a call from someone saying Khulekani has been picked by a motorist who went to drop him at Mahlabatini shopping area where is was further carried to his homestead by The Mahlabatini villagers. The caller also told me that Khulekani is badly injured and he needs to be rushed to the hospital urgently.

I informed everyone who was around and we drove to Khulekani s place in the company of the accused who was identified as Tinashe Gonde, the Victim Thembala Moyo, 2 security guards from Best shop, and other members of the community. Upon arrival the Mahlabatini villagers were gathered at Khulekani s homestead, On seeing Tinashe Gonde They pulled him out from the Combi I had gone with and started to beat him heavily. After the confrontation, the commotion and the beatings were over, I drove the accused Tinashe Gonde to Inyathi police camp. Earlier on Tinashe had reiterated that he works with the police, and among the 3 of them, one was a police officer so there was nothing we could do to him he said. He promised the angry community that by morning the following day he will be out and will come after everyone who had beaten him. I took Khulekani to the hospital and he was admitted at Inyathi hospital.

The following morning Tinashe was out as per his words. The police assistant Inspector Moyo ordered the arrest of the security guards for beating an innocent Tinashe Gonde. They destroyed Thembala Moyo s initial statement.
Upon hearing that Tinashe was out I confronted the officer in charge Mr Mhaka, who told me that they released Tinashe so he can get medical attention. I asked why he didn’t go to the hospital under police guard, he never gave me a clear answer. The following day Inyathi residents, village headman approached the Officer in Charge to get answers as to why they had let a criminal walk free. He admitted that they made an error and they promised to rectify their mistake.
Khulekani was later transferred to Mpilo where he is currently battling for his life.

Days passed by we heard nothing from the Police regarding this issue. After a second confrontation that’s when I received a call from one Sgt Chamakwara who introduced himself as the officer investigating what had transpired on the 1st of May. He made me the state witness and he recorded my statement, To my surprise, it’s now a month and we have never been to court. The day we were asked to go to court, officer Chamakwara made us sit outside for an hour or so only to come back to tell us that he will notify us the day we going to attend the court case because Khulekani is still in the hospital. That was that.

On the 31st of May 2021, the police officer Sgt Chamakwara called the Victim Thembala Moyo and I the state witness to the police camp, upon arrival we got accompanied by the accused Tinashe Gonde, we were told to sit on the same bench in charge office the 3 of us. Sgt Chamakwara came to us and said ” ndakushedzerai kutindinzwisese nyaya yenyu muri 3, cause handiinzwisisi” I called you cause I don’t understand your story he said.

I was shocked to hear that from a professional police officer who had taken our statements 3 weeks back. I replied to him what’s not to understand isn’t the job of the courts, you took our statements what else do you want. Then he said Shefu “the boss” wants to meet the three of you. I told him I can’t have a conversation with an accused person outside court, he ordered us to wait for his Shefu outside, of which I and Thembela could not stand that and we left. On our way back Tinashe followed us and threat me saying if he goes to Jail he is going to come back after me and kill me. He followed me up to my workplace, he made a lot of noise that attracted people who were passing by. Even my work colleagues couldn’t do their job as he was all over me threatening to kill me. I went back to the police camp where he followed me chanting his threats all the way back. I narrated my story to Chamakwara whilst Tinashe was interrupting me, Chamakwara threatened to put me in cells because am conducting myself in a disorderly manner. I went outside and I saw Mr Maduyu who showed me an office to take my case to and it is The office being held by assistant Inspector Moyo who we believe he works with criminals including is Tinashe Gonde. They called Tinashe back and said they are going to give him a PI, Sgt Prosper Dube is the one who was ordered to caution him.

I approached the clerk of court Prince Ngwenyama at Inyathi magistrate courts to help me report my case against Tinashe. He told me to go and see the officer in charge first. I went back to the police camp. I opened a docket of Threats of violence against Tinashe Gonde the very same day 31st of May 2021. They promised me not worry since they were going to lock Tinashe up in cells. The following morning Tinashe was seen with assistant Inspector Moyo and Chamakwara. Yesterday Tinashe came again to my workplace walking freely and I had to avoid him by leaving my workplace.

May you kindly help us as a community and investigate what is happening at our Inyathi police station. Off late robberies have been on rampant but the police are turning a blind eye on it. It’s not surprising since they are claims that some police officers are part of the robberies taking place in our community.

On behalf of my community, I am kindly crying out loud for your intervention