Jaka clan selects new chief

Source: Jaka clan selects new chief | The Herald

Jaka clan selects new chief

Fidelis Munyoro

Chief Court Reporter

The Jaka clan in Chivi has unanimously selected Mr Jere Jaka as their preferred candidate for Jaka chieftainship. 

The meeting was held in November last year.

It was chaired by Chief Chivi, the Jaka family and 22 family members from the Masunda clan.

From the family tree drawn up by the Jaka family, which includes Chimbo, Chikore, Mutsiba, Madhigi and Muzenda, the family selected Mr Jere Jaka as their candidate.

He was selected since he is their existing eldest father.

This has prompted Mr Jaka, through his lawyer Mr Admire Rubaya, to write to Local Government and Public Works Minister, July Moyo, seeking the reversal of the appointment of Mr Chishanu Magora Muzogwi, who they claim was imposed. 

“In terms of the minutes, our client Mr Jere Jaka was selected as the proper candidate to be appointed as Headman Jaka,” said Mr Rubaya in a letter dated March 31.

“In the circumstances, our client is the one who has been nominated by Chief Chivi as the one to be properly installed as Headman Jaka. 

“In the circumstances we kindly request you to verify this position through your own processes and if our client’s position is confirmed, we kindly request you to reverse the appointment of Chishanu Magora Muzogwi and proceed to appoint Mr Jere Jaka who is the person nominated by Chief Chivi.

“It is our client’s considered view that Mr Chishanu Magora Muzogwi should cease being Headman Jaka for he is not the proper person to be holding onto the reins of power of the Jaka Headmanship.”

In May last year, the Jaka family wrote to President Mnangagwa protesting over the imposition of Mr Chishanu Magora Muzogwi as Chief Jaka.

The family protested against the “improper” appointment and intended installation of Mr Muzogwi and wanted the decision rescinded before his installation. The letter was copied to Chivi District Administrator, Masvingo Provincial Assembly of Chiefs, National Council of Chiefs and Minister Moyo.

The protest came after the Jaka clan was advised by Chivi District Administrator that the President had appointed Mr Muzogwi as Chief Jaka on the basis of recommendations made by the Masvingo Provincial Assembly of Chiefs, National Council of Chiefs and Minister Moyo.

But the family lawyer, Mr Rubaya argued that in making the recommendations to President Mnangagwa, Chivi district administrator and the Masvingo Provincial Chiefs’ Council disregarded the historical narrative of how the Jaka chieftaincy came into being and in the process failed to follow the customary principles which relate to the appointment of Chief Jaka.


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    Chief Jaka or Headman Jaka? The writer seems to be confused. In any case if its Chief Jaka then Chief Chivi has no role to play unless you meant Headman Jaka