Japan commends reforms

Source: Japan commends reforms | The Herald February 28, 2019

Japan commends reformsAmbassador Iwado

Victor Maphosa Herald Correspondent
Japan has hailed measures being implemented by President Mnangagwa’s administration to revive the country’s economy.

Japanese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Toshiyuki Iwado said yesterday that people should be patient and give the new administration enough time to implement all the policies.

He said the revival of the economy was a process.

Mr Iwado made the remarks yesterday during an interview with Zimpapers Television Network following the recent visit by a 15-member Japanese business delegation.

“Zimbabwe is a great nation full of natural resources, the country has great potential,” he said.

“It has faced a lot of challenges and the new administration should work hard and implement all its policies and if this is done it will see the economy being revived.

“The new administration needs to be given enough time and an opportunity to implement a lot of things, among others the ease of doing business to attract new local and international investors.

“The Government should put in place more measures to eradicate corruption. Yes, there is no country without corruption, but the Government should put more effort to eradicate it because it hinders efforts to revive the economy.”

Turning to the Japanese business delegation which visited the country recently, Mr Iwado said the delegation showed keen interest to invest in Zimbabwe.

“The team was very excited to have the opportunity of investing in Zimbabwe, some showed great interest in mining, technology and manufacturing,” he  said.

“We are hopeful that we will see these business people investing in the country soon. They know the challenges this country is facing and still they are keen to do business here.”


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    Nyoni 5 years ago

    Interesting comments. You would expect this regime to learn from countries like Japan but instead want money etc . Learn first how the country has progressed and follow suit. If you are not going to learn from anyone how can you move forward Mr ED and co.