Coltart Urges Mugabe to Unite Zimbabweans

via Former Minister Urges Mugabe to Unite Zimbabweans by Nothando Sibanda

With Thursday’s swearing-in ceremony giving President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party a fresh five-year mandate to rule, some opposition politicians are beginning to privately or publicly speak about the need for the country to unite and forge ahead.

One such politician is Bulawayo-based David Coltart who is urging Mr. Mugabe to embrace all Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation as he starts his new term.

Addressing journalists in Bulawayo on Friday, David Coltart of the Movement for Democratic Change formation led by Welshman Ncube, said there is no doubt that the July 31 polls were marred by irregularities but noted that it is time for the country to look ahead and find a solution to problems affecting Zimbabwe that include improving the economy.

The former education minister said President Mugabe should embrace every Zimbabwean in the country as he starts his new term, adding the next five years should be well spent with all Zimbabweans working together for the betterment of the country.

Coordinator Innocent Dube of the Christian Youth Forum of Zimbabwe said citizens should demand accountability from the new government.

Dube said the nature of the inclusive government made it difficult for people to demand better service delivery as all the country’s then major political parties were in the coalition government.

He added that the government has to work for the good of all Zimbabweans without marginalising some areas.

Addressing the same meeting, Bulawayo East Member of Parliament-elect Thabitha Khumalo said it is important that Zimbabwe from now onwards start addressing problems affecting the country and not deal with symptoms as this has proved ineffective in the past.

She said Zanu PF should change from its old ways, adding Zimbabwe’s economy and democratic governance structures need to be revived.

Elected lawmakers in Bulawayo fear the region may be marginalised for voting for the MDC-T but speaking after being sworn into office to start a new five-year term Friday, President Mugabe promised to do all he can to revive the City of Kings, especially reviving industry in the region.

He described Bulawayo as ‘a scrapyard’, adding its industrial revival will be his government’s top priority.


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    Hango Yapalala 9 years ago


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    Anold Anderson 9 years ago

    I do agree with you David you are a man to admire. Wish the present government can see the way you see. Wish every defeated or not defeated mps must work together to built not to destroy. They should learn from you

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    White man speak with straight tongue, black man speak with forked tongue

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      Rudadiso 9 years ago

      Russell, there are plenty whites who speak with forked tongues. That’s just shallow.

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    The proper vehicle for uniting Zimbabwe to forge ahead was the Government of National Unity. The GNU is now history. This rare political opportunity was squandered by Zanu PF’s unwillingness to embrace unity, and their inability to listen to different opinions. Humility is necessary to forge unity; but does it exist in our political environment.

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    Rudadiso 9 years ago

    Hats off to Coltart. Sadly, Mugabe has never really been a national president but rather a zanu p.f. one.

    If a winning candidate tells opponents to go hang there is no way he even considers uniting the country a priority. Vindictive to the bone marrow, those who don’t support his party deserve punishment. Remember how he once even said “death will befall them”, referring to political opponents.

    Mugabe is just primitive, period.

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    Cde Tichashaina chete 9 years ago

    Thanks Coltart you are true son of the soil. You have the right thinking, which I understand our old man, our hero, Cde R. G. Mugabe will consider. The president ambition this time will be to unite the nation and make the Black work for their economy to the embarrassment of detractors against land reform. Thanks Coltart for job well done

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    Where is Dzingai Mtumbuka ?

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    Njalo 9 years ago

    Coltart…..bless his soul, wants Utopia.

    Rise the technocrats Masiyiwa, Makoni (hey Simba don’t hide behind a ZANU banner}.Hey Charles Mutsonziwa where are you? You’ve enjoyed Uncle Bob’s efforts. It’s your turn now to make a contribution.


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    Murairwa 9 years ago

    Kudoos to you Coltart. That what real men who love their country do. Yes this time the President is going to do his best to unite the country and move it forward as an entity. There are so many detractors, against indeginization and land reform, or rather black empowerment. With all of us pulling in one direction, Zimbabwe will no doubt retain its glisten. Foward ever Coltart with the rest of us. Back ward never like Bennett is made of. Really proud to be Zimbabwean. That who we should be known by. The love of our country and the zeal we have to make it work. Lets all joint ranks and file. Lets all rally behind the bull, President R. G. Mugabe and deliver all promises so our Nation rises again. Pamberi nekunzwisisa. Pamberi nekushandira pamwe. Pamberi na President and all forward and clear thinking Zimbabweans.

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    zidzoro 9 years ago

    Well done Coltart, please educate the other mdc to underastand that zimbabwe needs to move forward as one and those who want to throw spanners in the works are enemies of the people.

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    Jimbob 9 years ago

    The problem facing Zimbabwe Mr Coltart is another 2-3 terms of ZANU PF. They have lost the last 4 elections but are still in power. Just let them get on with it and make people even poorer, if that is possible. People want jobs not land.