Expelled MDC-T independents form new party

via Expelled MDC-T ‘independents’ form new party | SW Radio Africa by Nomalanga Moyo

Disgruntled former members of the MDC-T who were fired for standing as independents in the July 31st elections, have formed a new political party.

The Zimbabwe Independents Alliance (ZIA), is seeking to capitalise on the tensions within the MDC-T in the wake of the recent election, according to outspoken former Magwegwe legislator Felix Magalela Sibanda.

Sibanda, who is the new party’s spokesperson, said the MDC-T had shot itself in the foot by imposing candidates and sidelining long-serving party supporters.

He said when they complained to the leadership, most of the unhappy would-be legislators were either ignored or mistreated by the MDC-T’s standing committee.

“The issues that the MDC-T is moaning about concerning the recent national poll is exactly what the party did during the primary elections: The leadership distorted the electoral college in favour of their friends, bussed in people to vote,” he added.

Sibanda said he and 57 others who stood as independent candidates saw this as a sign that the MDC-T had drifted away from the founding values of democracy and transparency.

“And that is why the ZIA has been formed – to provide Zimbabweans who have toiled for 33 years under an undemocratic system with an alternative.”

Sibanda revealed that the party has started building up its structures and designing publicity material, in preparation for a national congress later in the year.

He said the party will in the meantime be headquartered in Bulawayo, and added that the bulk of the membership so far was drawn from those who went into an independents’ coalition, after being disowned by the MDC-T.

Sibanda was circumspect about revealing the substantive leadership of the new party saying he feared doing so would expose them to ongoing, post-poll reprisals.

However, some of those who stood under the banner of the Independent Candidates Coalition (ICC) include the Chairman Aaron Chinhara, Tedius Chimombe, the organising secretary, and Holy Dzuda , the treasurer. They contested the Redcliff, Gweru Urban, Gweru ward two council seats respectively.

The MDC-T has already said that it is unfazed by the formation of the breakaway group, saying political participation and affiliation is every Zimbabwean’s democratic right.



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    Demba Temba 11 years ago

    Chamisa or Biti, who’s gonna take the gamble?

  • comment-avatar
    Joseph Chasura 11 years ago

    U guys are mistaken. Imposition of candidates was not the issue. Pure rigging. Zec secretariat responsible for the 2008 fiasco is still intact. They are responsible for the landslide. Tichadhla ivhu tose gore rino. EMPOWERMENT. Zanu can re-distribute wealth, they can’t create wealth. Mbavha

    • comment-avatar
      mucha 11 years ago

      Joseph, you are crazy. Are you saying ZEC is the one that rigged MDC-T confirmation elections? That’s the end of MDC-T. It’s not the first puppet party to die such a death. History should tell u that a revolutionary will leave for as long as the grievances upon which it was formed had been addressed, mainly land dispossessions. Dream and dream but look at MPLA in Angola 1956, FRELIMO in Moza 1962, Chamachamapinduzi (formerly TANU) in Tanzania 1954, ANC in RSA in 1912 etc.

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    mujibha 11 years ago

    I don’t think its a good thing to form a new part, how many new part have out of mdc t? Mdc ncube, mdc 99 and now zia these politians do they ever learn. These parties they r not going anywhere, we people of zimbabwe we fedup of these greed idiots, who r just there to line up their pockets. Instead of saying look guys this election has been stolen, whats plan b? They r now forming a new part. What for?

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    Pauline 11 years ago

    Mujibha that’s a very meaningful point you have made right there. We don’t need any more political parties anymore. We need politicians with the spirit of team work to dislodge ZANU pf from power. Zimbabwe will remain like this for years until these so called politicians start working for a common cause. If we don’t do this, ZANU pf will continue doing whatever.

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    mutongi gava 11 years ago

    they are playing right into mugabe’s hands,or are they.maybe they are cio inplants. we need to regroup and refocus.elections will lead to more pain and loss

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    Mr Mjibha thank you.

    Like what i mentioned yesterday ,splitting splitting and deviding the votes ,57 little confused minded members who can’t solve their internal affairs decided to confront the elections as independent candidates ,and the consequences of that resulted a lot of retrogression of performance to MDC T against a combined ZANU PF .

    Sibanda , our grandfather Joshua Nkomo (ZAPU) couldn’t take us through not necessary that he failed but that was because of demographic reasons concidering our provences-Sibanda (a Ndebele man) your surname itself is 1/3 and Mugabe (Shona man)his surname itself is 2/3 majority of the Zimbabwean population ,yes you can create yourself a good salary and form your own party which will even fail badly against MDC T ,don’t even dream of competing against ZANU ,MDC T can still do better unfortunately this kind of splitting solely to achieve your own goals is costing us a lot .splitting and rigging which one exactly reflects the out come of the recent election results , help me i am reversing my anger ,MDT T, MDC T resolve your internal issues , agree you were not ready to go to the polling stations because of your internal disputes , iam now doubting rigging should be looked at carefully MDC T confronted the elections with some loop-holes which should have been amended before.

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    imvi dzechembere 11 years ago

    Mujiba ataura veduwe, Kenya yakazviona izvi ,ndipo chete pavakazobvisa imwe chembere mushure mekunge vabatana. Nhau haisi yezvitutu zvitutu. Mukanya Thomas Tafirentika Gandanga Mapfumo akaimba nezvekubatana izvi. Zani mabairwa varume.

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    Chitova weGona 11 years ago

    The last thing we need as the MDC is further anarchy.Forming a party wont solve a thing it only strengthens our one and only obstacle to freedom,development and democracy Zanu pf. Put your selfish agendas aside and work together for the good of the country. We cnt all be Presidents ladies and gentlemen. We need to show that we are politically mature for the electorate to take us seriously as a party!

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    ZANU YAORA 11 years ago

    Ah people , idzi mbavha siyai dzakadaro idzi, pamazita ataurwa acho ese kusara kwaSibanda ndinovaziva, uyo Chimombe handiti ndiye wekufoma chimwe chiparty chainzi Mawere ndiye President, kwanga kwaonekwa tumari twaMawere, ndotwanga twarongerwa, zvino Mawere wacho handiti akazovhotera Morgan. Vana Welshman varikutatarika kuwana vanhu kwakuzotiwo tuma Street kids tunanaChimombe, tumupungurunje zvatwo tungaisimudze Party. Ndakuudzai kare kuti imbavha idzi, MDC ngaisare zvayo isina vanhu kana zvichireva kuti yongo kumba netsvina idzi, Chimombe akadzingirwa kuba pahuMayor kuGweru akaprotectiwa naChombo, manje manje muchanzwa oti ave kuZANU ndaandokwaanowana dzimwe mbavha biyake. Uyuwo Dzuda was useless as a councilor quite incompetent zvonzi vanhu ingondichengetai chete ndaa ndinozo foma Party neboyfriend yangu Chimombe. Hati miriri rubbish dzakadaro, ngativaoneika vaite congress yacho? This remains and shall forever remain a no event.